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  1. Is Half-Life 2 what you expected?
  2. Which handheld?
  3. Should games raitings be enforced strictly?
  4. Christmas shopping
  5. Trickery.net awards: Most innovative game of 2004
  6. Vote now: Best single player game of 2004
  7. What is the best Multiplayer of 2004?
  8. Which MMO do you play most and why?
  9. Vote now: Best game ever
  10. News type
  11. Which Manufacturer?
  12. Did E3 deliver 'the goods' for you?
  13. E3 RTS Selection
  14. F.E.A.R demo poll
  15. Revolution Controllers Poll
  16. Anti Virus Software
  17. What colour do you prefer your entertainment separates to be?
  18. My first computer was...
  19. How many CPUs does your main computer have?
  20. How many functioning computers do you have?
  21. How many houses/flats/boxes have you lived in?
  22. Bob's your uncle! Is he?
  23. Fire alarms at work - is it ever a fire?
  24. Free mobility scooter - would you use it?
  25. Who's the boss?
  26. Do you live with your parents?
  27. Does MaNiC^ like apples?
  28. Will you buy Windows 7?
  29. Can you see stereograms?
  30. The Flu "Vaccination"
  31. How many CPUs do you have now?