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Lord Fondlemaid
29-Jun-2004, 00:57
Have you played this yet?

If not, I'd recommend it! Personally I think it's superb!

Did you know that it has replaced Quake III as the official CPL game?

Remember the days of Doom? Serious Sam? Hoards of enemies charging relentlessly after you?

That's Painkiller, but Painkiller has BELLS ON IT!

Havok 2 Engine (EXTREMELY impressive) which looks awesome and plays smoothly on even dated hardware (GF 4 4600ti, my old card) and looks STUNNING on newer kit (Radeon 9800 PRo, my new card)

Rag Doll physics for all enemies.

The ability to pin amputees to the wall, or each other, with a huge wooden stake! Rah! :E

And that's just the single player action! Try the multiplayer - they've introduced some refreshingly different scenarios as well as catering for the traditional deathmatch / team deathmatch fans...

2 Patches released so far, so great support from the developers so far!

Let's have a forum for it eh? I would of course be honoured to offer my services as Forum Mod... it would be great to get some Trickery clan action going on if we could...



29-Jun-2004, 00:58
aye great game, completed it about a month ago :)

haven't tried the multiplayer though mind you.

29-Jun-2004, 01:22
Thats cos WAREZ isnt online friendly blurr :naughty:

29-Jun-2004, 09:16
I started playing it, havent gotten very far yet.