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04-Nov-2003, 13:29
would love a worms3d forum tbh. im sure i could think of someone to mod it aswell!


04-Nov-2003, 15:46

I saw the screeny's for this game, it's looks good, but the demo didn't work! stupid thing.

04-Nov-2003, 17:16
The intro didn't work for me, but the actual game did. You just have to put up with silly noises on a black screen.

04-Nov-2003, 20:59
the sounds did bug me through the game. good game for a few friends. console game really.

gonna start *Find Morba a Home foundation*

04-Nov-2003, 23:42
worms is old tbh and I dont think thered be enough users.

05-Nov-2003, 01:36
whereas on the other hand, worms3d is new

05-Nov-2003, 02:27
I used to love worms, but I think its time has come and gone.

Lord Fondlemaid
05-Nov-2003, 14:22
Agent47, why not BUTT OUT and stop being a miserable tosser who says "NO!" to everyone's requests for a forum, when it would have ZERO effect on you.

Just why the fuck do you feel the need to object to all the new forum requests - if a forum is of no interest to you, then don't visit it, but the fact that it's been posted here means it clearly is of interest to other people.

In short, sod off.

p.s. Worms3D forum is a great idea, for a NEW game which is proving rather popular!


The Dark One
05-Nov-2003, 14:29
Is there a demo of worms3d?

The 2d ones are classic, the HL mod is superb .. omg - must cause mass distruction

05-Nov-2003, 14:59
Haha, that told Mr 47

05-Nov-2003, 15:03
oh shut up lord you annoying immature geek. Im entitled to voice my oppions like anyone else.

05-Nov-2003, 15:27
worms3D rocks tbh

good place to arrange internet matches I think

Lord Fondlemaid
05-Nov-2003, 15:36
Hey Agent47 does this sound familiar?

Random Gamer: "Hi I have a genuine interest in a game, and feel that others might too. Is there a chance that we might have a forum about it?"

Agent47: "No I don't like it, it's fuck all to do with me, I don't even have the fucking game, and it won't affect me in any way whatsoever, but I'll object anyway. This will serve 2 purposes: 1. I am bored, have nothing to do, and posting on gaming sites is my only real form of entertainment. 2. It will increase my post count by 1!!!"

And you call me a geek? lol!

You're entitled to voice your opinions of course, but if all they consist of is the above, time after time, you can expect me to justifiably rip the piss out of you.



05-Nov-2003, 15:39
Dan, your helicoptor lags me \o/

05-Nov-2003, 15:45
no it doesnt, I dont speak like that at all, shows you dont listen.

Lord Fondlemaid
05-Nov-2003, 15:52
Not to mealy mouthed object-for-no-reason-post-count-obsessed gimps like you I don't.

"Must...... post...... +1+1+1+1+1+1 valueless spam!!!"

Oh Christ I've just had a thought... you weren't known as "Idle" back at BY were you?

05-Nov-2003, 15:56
heres an idea, im just going to ignore you, most of the time what you mouth isnt worth the bandwidth anyway.

Lord Fondlemaid
05-Nov-2003, 16:00
+1 postcount

05-Nov-2003, 16:57
now now, chaps and chapesses...

I think you went a little overboard Fondle mate and Agent...calling someone an immature geek when you know next-to-nothing about them is a bit dodgy.
Fondle isn't an immature geek...he's a spod and a peon but that's a completely different story....

worms3d is a cracking game tbh and the 3d idea revitalised it for me completely
the deformable landscape is very impressive considering that no 3D fps game has this to date...not a completely deformable one anyway.
the game is tweaked and more fun than it's ever been tbh, although it takes some getting used to.

A forum would be a great place to challenge other wormers and setup some matches, it might not last but I think presently that it's a fine idea...

05-Nov-2003, 17:06
Worms pwn tbh. I've spent and still spend alot of time playing it over LAn ect, it's just too addictive :P

05-Nov-2003, 17:09
worms 2 was fun. But I agree with Agent, it's come and gone tbh.

And I don't wabnt to take sides or have a go at anyone, but after every comment you've made, L.F., Agent47 hasn't said anything that needed a response. If anyone's loking for postcount here, it's you :/

05-Nov-2003, 17:09
it's everyone > agent47 atm

comply or phear the paddle! :P

05-Nov-2003, 17:10
Im not saying Worms isnt any good, I spent many happy hours on the original worms games.

05-Nov-2003, 17:26
Erm... the idea of this forum is that people such as Morba can request a forum which we don't currently cover.

Then 2 things may happen.

1. I may laff at your request and post it in the box labelled `nope` because we either have a similar forum or its just a stupid request. :)
2. I may monitor the post to see what other support it gains to see if there would be enough posters to warrent such a forum.

Now, this shouldn't be treated as such like a debate.. the Yes's on one side and the NO's on the other, all i need is ppl who would post in such a forum to say so..

The simple fact is that its really down to Velvet if he adds a forum not how many yes's and no's we get, its also important that if you have no interest in a subject/game then that doesn't necessarily mean no-one else does and we will look at all requests on an individual basis.

Now people are entitled to an opinion thats what makes forums great,generally but lets try and keep it in the appropiate place... `if` we get a worms forum then you can debate it as much as you want.. even have a poll if you want too :) but lets really keep the personal stuff away from the forum.



05-Nov-2003, 21:45
Is there a demo of worms3d?

The 2d ones are classic, the HL mod is superb .. omg - must cause mass distruction

yes there is a demo. on fileplanet, but im sure you can get it else were. it is fun. LAN gaming W3d would be amazing :D

06-Nov-2003, 02:09
roll on i18 :)

06-Nov-2003, 19:14
there s a 3D version of worms?!?! why wasnt i told!

Ps someone if they have link to non-fileplanet demo postage im lazy and cba searching :E

06-Nov-2003, 20:46
Ps someone if they have link to non-fileplanet demo postage im lazy and cba searching :E

I'm just downloading it myself :)


06-Nov-2003, 20:50
thank god you don't need to install that crap 3rd party spy/software to donwload it

06-Nov-2003, 22:37

06-Nov-2003, 22:41
PC Zone tbh :P

08-Nov-2003, 13:36
bump :x

08-Nov-2003, 14:26
the net based code is PANTS

veyr instable tbh

08-Nov-2003, 14:47
I dunno, just had a game over the net, slightly laggy but a lot better than what I was expecting.

These ports were useful for playing between 2 pc's behind nat routers - both machines need the ports forwarded.

tcp - 5911 10017 29900
udp - 5911 6500 10017 13139 29900

10-Nov-2003, 12:06
*cough* :E

so is that a yes then Andy :DDD

10-Nov-2003, 14:46
There are 2 demo's out for Worms 3D.

Ones 60mb. The others 90mb.

10-Nov-2003, 17:07
But anyway, I do wanna see a forum for Worms.

If no one used it then, it could just easyily be deleted, but that ain't gonna happen.

14-Nov-2003, 23:30
Give us it :cry:

15-Nov-2003, 02:44
well said

17-Nov-2003, 00:59
in the mean time, /j #trickery.w3d to idle and sort out wormnet channels before heading into the crashtastic experiance that is wormnet

17-Nov-2003, 14:34
n1 :D

Lord Fondlemaid
17-Nov-2003, 14:44
If you liked the original Worms, you might like Gunbound, which is a free download. Do a Google for it - lots of people reckon it's great fun! :)


20-Nov-2003, 14:21