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Brent Rivienne
22-Sep-2004, 14:44
With the inclusion of "Live bookmarks" to Mozilla Firefox it may be a nice idea to create an RSS feed of the "Quick topics" section of this forum and possibly for the main news page, the feature allows your bookmark page to change as the website the feed comes from does... so you could open the "Trickery" live bookmark to see a group of bookmarks linking to recent news posts, while a "Trickery Forum" live bookmark could be opened to see links to the recent posts... most popular etc.

Here are a couple of articles on live bookmarks.


22-Sep-2004, 14:48
Not trying to derail the idea but say you have 100 people doing that, would it use a lot of bandwith?

22-Sep-2004, 14:53
Ace idea indeed

I'm sure I read an article on The Register about bandwdith for RSS

22-Sep-2004, 15:05
can't see a few feeds taking any noticable extra bandwidth.. certainly less than a full page refresh to grab the same info :)

Brent Rivienne
22-Sep-2004, 15:15
I think I read somewhere a while ago mentioning their html pages use 30x the amount the rss feed does... though I suppose it depends on how often each would be refreshed... the site dev team might need to do a little research on it.

If you want a quick and possibly inaccurate comparison... look at the main forum page, the amount of info in the Quick topics section, then look at the rest... imagine it not being there.

May increase traffic a bit as well.

23-Sep-2004, 10:50
I know when i had Desktop Sidebar (http://www.desktopsidebar.com/) installed I would have liked a rss feed for the news headlines, much like BBC. Dunno how difficult it is but would be a good idea anyway.[/url]

23-Sep-2004, 11:49
<Krusty the clown>I support this event and/or product.</Krusty the clown>

23-Sep-2004, 11:53
k, not trying to put a damper on this (and hoping ive got the whole thoery of this correct) - but do you really think that there is enough news to warrent something like this ?

23-Sep-2004, 12:05
You may be right, I think a RSS feed for the forums would be worthwhile though.

hack (http://www.phpbbhacks.com/download/2062) and example (http://www.greymatterforums.com/index.php)

for recent/popular sindication you need to use this one (http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=144548).