View Full Version : Unread threads/posts (no this isn't about them all being unread)

11-Oct-2004, 14:04
When I make a post and choose to return to forum rather than to the thread, the "thread has new posts/is unread" yellow icon is displayed, which is frankly wrong.

11-Oct-2004, 14:56
maybe it's because the latest reply hasn't been read??

11-Oct-2004, 14:57
I tried the first time (just viewing) and it was grey, and now it's yellow so that would make sence....

11-Oct-2004, 15:18
Of course I've read it, I posted it! And no, there's not been posts between the time I pressed reply and the time I posted.

11-Oct-2004, 16:01
Strange, everything works for me :/

11-Oct-2004, 18:19
I'm using Firefox (don't know if it's any difference. Happens with new thread posts too if I go back to forum rather than go to the thread.

11-Oct-2004, 18:28
Aye, we've made a note of it. Had thought thats how it used to work, but maybe that isn't the case. Shouldn't be too difficult to change, although not sure I'll make it complex enough to check whether anyone else has posted in between you starting to compose your reply and posting it, ie. you lose that safeguard!

11-Oct-2004, 20:18
I'm not sure if its supposed to be like this or if this is how it was before.... but:

Say I go into the Discussion forum and there is 2 threads unread. I read one thread, but the other thread does not interest me and I don't intend to read it. Then I click back to the main forum index and it lists the Discussion forum as containing unread threads (ie the one I don't want to read). Did it always do this ? I thought once you had entered a forum then clicked the main index it automatically marked it as read ?

11-Oct-2004, 20:33
Thats not new, I've always had to mark all threads read in a forum for it to be marked unread in the forum index.

11-Oct-2004, 22:04
But when I close my browser and come back it still hasn't marked things as read (including stuff i haven't read) - it DEFINATELY did this before.

11-Oct-2004, 22:08
But when I close my browser and come back it still hasn't marked things as read (including stuff i haven't read) - it DEFINATELY did this before.

I'm finding that too, taking a bit of getting used to but just have to remeber to click Mark Forums Read each time I finish browsing.

I keep forgetting of course :)

11-Oct-2004, 22:34
This was considered bad behaviour by the cookies on your machine and one of the reasons why velvet is now storing what you have read (and haven't read) in the db, it is now far more particular and precise about what it marks as read.

I am using the 'Mark forums read' button a lot more now, just takes getting used to I guess.

11-Oct-2004, 22:35
Will have to remember to do so.

11-Oct-2004, 22:59
But when I close my browser and come back it still hasn't marked things as read (including stuff i haven't read) - it DEFINATELY did this before.
I think thats the bug velvet was fixing :lol:

11-Oct-2004, 23:14
Making navigating the forums hard as I can't tell what I have read and what I haven't.

All forums I can recall using have worked in this way - ie marking everything as read after you close the forum. Just need to remember to check mark as read now.

11-Oct-2004, 23:44
The problem is that it used to mark stuff as read even if you accidently closed the browser, or if your session timed out, or if you navigated to the forums on a freshly opened browser.

Fwiw the bygames forums used to work this way, storing the read/unread in the database, I guess no one used those though, if they could help it :)

12-Oct-2004, 17:51
I was forever trying get past the log in and stay logged in stage to see such delights as what i'd read and hadn't :E

12-Oct-2004, 19:11
Cant we have the choice that when we close the broswer all topics are marked read I dont like it keeping them unread :(

Blood God
17-Oct-2004, 11:40
I've noticed that if there's a thread that I haven't read... it displays it as having new posts (fine) but if I click the "Go to latest unread post" arrow.. I get a "No new posts since last visit" error, even if the posts are from say yesterday and I last visited 2 days ago...

the funkmaster
17-Oct-2004, 12:44
Indeed, most annoying.

17-Oct-2004, 12:49
thats fixed on the test site, if its the same thing as in http://www.trickery.net/bb/viewtopic.php?t=16906 ?

17-Oct-2004, 15:17
I have this occasionally. I just have to edit the url (which then sends it to the first page).

19-Oct-2004, 23:35
Posting a reply now presumes you've read a thread.

The view new topics link should also now work fine.