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12-Oct-2004, 23:07
Ok. . . I got an idea here :P. I know there is a popup thing and that i can have it spring up when i get a PM but firefox stops it. (im also aware that i can get firefox to not stop this popup but anyways hear me out :P). How about instead of the link saying "messages" It says something like "Messages (0)" or if you had 2 new PMs unread "Messages(2)".

Just an idea. What do ppl think?

12-Oct-2004, 23:12
Doesn't it do this now after the recent changes ?

12-Oct-2004, 23:14

/me pm's pulse

12-Oct-2004, 23:28
Make it a diff colour so I notice :P

12-Oct-2004, 23:32
Well would you look at that. It even flashes me :naughty: :dozey:

*toddles off looking at the ground in shame* Next time ill use the search function.

12-Oct-2004, 23:33
silly bugger ;)

12-Oct-2004, 23:38
Oh. I found a bug actually. Check out the Recent posts bit, its coming up as &quote :P. (in fire fox) :P

13-Oct-2004, 09:27
You're right, that may be as a result of applying the swear filter to the quick topics. I will investigate it.

It is a forum thing btw, it isn't browser related ;)

Brent Rivienne
13-Oct-2004, 09:31
Isn't the swear filter a recent change? I noticed this &quot problem a long time before the last update.

Brent Rivienne
13-Oct-2004, 09:34
Have a nice look at this test post.


Not only is it affecting the quick topics... but the main topic display is buggered as well. (As well as the search if you make it long enough.)

Seems like the forum is treating " as the source string &quote and thus assuming " is 6 characters long each go. (or is that &quot and 5 characters... I can't remember...)

13-Oct-2004, 09:36
ah! That explains it

Brent Rivienne
13-Oct-2004, 09:45
It also affects the characters &, < and >, ( see http://www.trickery.net/bb/viewtopic.php?t=17030 and http://www.trickery.net/bb/viewtopic.php?t=17031 ) I can't find others on a standard keyboard... but no doubt a couple of other things will do it... now what are those characters that require codes in html to display...

-edit- I've had a few more tests and can't find any other characters that do it, the forum seems to cope with non-standard characters fine (well... except for changing them to different things from what you typed in in some cases...), it no doubt only affects & < > and " as these are obvious HTML affecting characters.

13-Oct-2004, 13:13
It is related to the functions that return a sub string of the topic_title and append ... on the end.

I need to look at them in more detail to see how we can stop it screwing up like this.

13-Oct-2004, 14:02
Submitted to the team as R0029

13-Oct-2004, 16:31
Wwooo I got my very own personal request ticket :P.

Thought it mighta been a browser thing getting pissy and not evaluating the escape character. Oh well my bad.