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19-Nov-2003, 18:03
I feel it's needed.

No.. really I do.

19-Nov-2003, 18:19
I would probably benefit from this as well ;)

20-Nov-2003, 12:04
*cough* programming forum *cough*

20-Nov-2003, 14:24
I can't, Moron will have a go at me for asking questions ;(

20-Nov-2003, 15:00
D33, you seem to have a problem with me. Let me explain in simple words the thoughts behind my response to your post in the Websites forum last week.

The main thrust of your question was how to check spelling in HTML that you'd written with Dreamweaver or GoLive.

Secondary to that you were asking if Word would trash the HTML written by one of those two apps into its own version of your code.

My simple response was

Shift-F7 in Dreamweaver.. And is it really that hard to try and see?

Now assuming you actually had Dreamweaver and didn't just type out the word for the fun of it which now appears to be the case after you clarified your question in IRC then the first 3 words answered your question on how to check spelling from within Dreamweaver.

In addition, generally when initially looking for an answer I find google to be helpful before looking to others for assistance. Take for example these two links.


Incredibly they show that both the apps that you mention do indeed have spellcheckers built into them - allowing you to avoid any of the problems that Word may introduce.

Lets move to the last part of my post shall we?

Is it really that hard to try? You have the html file created in your app. You have a copy of Word. What exactly was stopping you from a little experimentation to see what happens... apart from sheer laziness?

I have no problems with people asking questions. Indeed - I will answer them to the best of my abilities should I know the answer. But when the person asking the question is too lazy to even do the tiniest piece of research.. When all the tools required are available to them on their own desktop if they took the time to read the manuals and find out for themselves... what do you expect?

But then you don't even know what app you're using from the sounds of it.

20-Nov-2003, 15:43
We've already discussed this in irc and although the result of said conversation may of left you slightly bitter I ain't going to defend against the above post and continue to belittle your highly flawed point of view.

My above post was said in humor.

Deal with it.

20-Nov-2003, 15:51
Oh dear, I am sorry!

I didn't realise "I am eating a ham roll" explains away your inability to use a computer or get off your fat curry filled arse and find something out for yourself.

I stand corrected! Well done, you've won

20-Nov-2003, 15:58
Won ? This was a competition ?

You seem to be agitated. Want to talk about it?
Tell me about your mother.

20-Nov-2003, 16:20
According to your fanboys in #trickery yes, it was...

Ťonionsť i think D33 just won

Though arguing about that and my mother is going away from the argument that people like you who obviously lack the basic education skills that normal people have allowing them to think about a problem, or try something for themselves before giving up and taking the lazy way out...

You couldn't even see that I answered your question, instead taking it as a verbal onslaught... But don't worry - I don't blame you, it's not your fault :x

20-Nov-2003, 16:36
Here, I've redone OGH to your "grumpy bastard" standards.


See? New intro and tutorials.

Wouldn't the world be a fantastic place if everyone insulted people after they "helped" them ?

20-Nov-2003, 16:51
You misunderstand the differance between "grumpy bastard" and thinking someone should have the ability to do some basic research.

Best version of your site I've seen so far, beats all the crap on the real one

20-Nov-2003, 16:57
Didn’t see that response coming :roll:

I couldn't care if you really do think the site is crap. I take pride in the fact I will try help somebody in a friendly manner whether they ask dumb questions or not. Better that than being some twisted bitter moron ( excuse the pun ) who feels the need to insult others because they missed a feature of an application they use.

20-Nov-2003, 17:08
You took it as an insult, it wasn't posted as one.

If I'd said,

Dearest D33, you might not know but in Dreamweaver theres a function to let you spellcheck already built in! It's really great and all you need to do is hit Shift F7 to start it, I made a website for my cat with it and checked the spelling easily. Enjoy my friend :x :x :x

rather than

Shift-F7 in Dreamweaver

Would that have made you happy?

If you read insults into everything you read then you get what you deserve. Anyway, fuck this thread, its going nowhere fast..

20-Nov-2003, 17:10
Giz a hug then :cry:

22-Nov-2003, 06:12
Isn't that the same as the "ask Ryan at random times during the day for help re: vb" messenger?

22-Nov-2003, 11:05
Yeah but you've forgotton half the code :)

22-Nov-2003, 18:07
...but I have to admit, 'I made a website for my cat with it' had me in stitches.

can you two keep this kinda thing in IRC, all that'll happen here is the thread will get locked :?

22-Nov-2003, 18:55
It actually finished two days before you asked us to keep it private. Heartwork. :)

23-Nov-2003, 15:15
Well no idea whats going on in here but it was all quite amusing :D

09-Dec-2003, 13:01
"According to your fanboys in #trickery yes, it was...

Ťonionsť i think D33 just won"

im not a d33 fanboy, he sux! along with visual basic :)

Blood God
09-Dec-2003, 13:07

why not use a proper language rather than that microshat nonsense.