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Big Bopper
10-May-2005, 19:49
My entry for picture of the month over at LWG forums :)


Cunning Stunt
13-May-2005, 22:58
i like it. photoshop only?

Big Bopper
13-May-2005, 23:06
No Lightwave 3D, only photoshop bit was to add the credits.

Cunning Stunt
13-May-2005, 23:09
:o, you made the whole thing from scratch?

13-May-2005, 23:17
Well cool mate.

Big Bopper
13-May-2005, 23:18
You had to download a model from the resource section for the picture of the month entrys (had to be startrek themed) and then use it in an image. The Earth is real images taken from space added to 2 or 3 spheres.

Might have been these ones it was a while ago i downloaded them:


13-May-2005, 23:20
n1 Bops.

15-May-2005, 02:38
Nice - I've just been trying out some planets myself in photoshop ;-)

Latest example being this and various other planets that're worse on there that I did working out how to get this far ;-)


Getting a nice cloud effect is something I've failed with so far ;-/ And I'm aware the edge of the planet's a bit screwed, couldn't be arsed fixing it

Big Bopper
15-May-2005, 08:58
Thats looking good so far, i've never tried making one in photoshop before.

Big Bopper
15-May-2005, 12:50
You might want to try looking at this video tutorial for making 2d planets in photoshop.


15-May-2005, 16:35
Cheers, pretty good tutorial, similar to the methods I use tho kinda limited by using a set texture rather than using that texture to paint on the planet ;-)

I'll figure out the damn clouds some day too!

Big Bopper
15-May-2005, 16:57
Not a lot to show for how i did my clouds really. I used this image http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Newsroom/BlueMarble/Images/cloud_combined_2048.tif

And here it is the best i can show you applied to it's sphere.


26-May-2005, 17:16
nice job making that... however a star field or some other sort of planetary grubble might be a nice addition to the composition unless that wasn't allowed in the contest...

as for space scenes... i'm gonna try and find the guy that's the absolute pro at it and has some great tuts and articles on it... keep you posted

Big Bopper
26-May-2005, 18:48
My picture does have a starfield if you can't see it i suggest investing in a better monitor as other poeple can see it fine :)

Harry Palmer
26-May-2005, 19:00
they are grey dots of the same brightness...ever looked outside at night?

aside from that it is damn awesome...reluctant to critcise (apart from the above) as I can't draw for shit :)

Big Bopper
26-May-2005, 19:15
There are 3 starfields of different size points and slightly different brightness/size as i said above it's quality of monitor that makes the difference also how you have your brightness settings.

26-May-2005, 22:09
well the starfield is kindah boring... absolutely boring... no offence but you could better have no starfield than have a starfield that tells you absolutely nothing!

Big Bopper
26-May-2005, 22:11
What i never said in my original post was the theme was startrek for entries so the rest of the scenes doesn't matter too much

29-May-2005, 17:06
Nice work as allways m8

01-Jun-2005, 15:31
well okay but it would have been a nice feature to have a great realistic starfield

Big Bopper
01-Jun-2005, 18:34
If i did better lighting and went for realistic you woldn't see any stars due to the amount of light from the earth.

01-Jun-2005, 19:04
Thats very true, thats why i stay clear of doing space scenes

02-Jun-2005, 11:28
i'm gonna do a space scene some time... properly lol... haven't tried it and it is something you should have a go at me thinks...

02-Jun-2005, 19:26
well good luck when your finshed post it :D