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17-May-2005, 17:37
Hi there guys. I have to hand in my 3Ds max assignment next wednesday and im a little stuck on task 4 which is

"Using 3D Studio max you are required to produce a simple object that can be animated for a web banner, or be used as graphics for a navigational menu embedded in a webpage.

The object will be designed on paper from rough sketches to illustrated multi-perspective views and a design file with hand rendered design (storyboard) of your animation idea. Then the object will be modeled using plastercine to provide a real world object from which to create the 3d Digital model."

If anyone could give me an insight on what this actualy means, that would be great. The object can be litrally anything so its pretty vauge. I have already put together a coffee table with fruit bowl ect, but have no idea how to animate it, or where i could animate it.

Regards, Methy.

17-May-2005, 17:54
For eg, If you were Fingerz, you might be making a website to display all your trainers. You might then want a rotating trainer/foot as a logo for a banner.

So, think on , then you design it on paper, first in rough form, then draw different perspectival views(angles) of item but better drawn, then make a simple storyboard detailing your item and its animation sequence(ie, it might only rotate , or the laces might have tied themselves up).

Mock up you idea in plasticene, then wallop it into 3ds, job done:)

Over simplified, but thats the general idea. :)

17-May-2005, 18:01
You have just unscrambled my brain for me, all seems clear now.

Thanks alot!

17-May-2005, 18:07
Regarding the animation, I'm not really familiar with Max but usually the idea would be to select your trainer and stick a keyframe on its local rotation parameters, move along say 100 frames ( 4 secs ) on the timeline, rotate the trainer by 360 ( or 359 )and mark that as a keyframe too, render it out, job done.

If all went well you should now have a spinning trainer.

There might be a slight pause if you loop it due to double frames ( 2 frames where the trainers rotation is the same at the start / end, you shift this by deleting the offending frame which is easy as long as you set your render output to frames rather than a movie sequence. You should render as frames, ALWAYS, if the render screws up you only need to redo the offending frames, if a movie render screws up you need to redo the entire sequence usually. )

20-May-2005, 18:46
Hi guys sorry to bump the thread again.. I dont know if its my lecturer whos crap (not teaching me anything) or me being stupid, but i have been trying to construct a shoe in 3DS Max for days now and im getting nowhere.

Is there any place on the net where i can download a basic shoe model and modify it?

This program is seriously stressing me out!

20-May-2005, 18:58
Change course.

20-May-2005, 21:52
After around 7 hours of messing around with the thing, i have something that looks like a shoe....i think.

Cunning Stunt
21-May-2005, 15:50

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