View Full Version : Watercolours

26-Jul-2005, 14:39
Best way of cleaning brushes without that hideously expensive artist's soap and best surface to paint on without the exorbitant specialist paper?

26-Jul-2005, 14:51
I always used small jar of water and an ordinary block of soap(dove mainly) for stubborn brushes to be perfectly honest, and stuck with the daler rowney range of watercolour pads upto A3 size, never really that expensive.

26-Jul-2005, 15:00
Maybe not that expensive but I really don't want to spend that kind of money on paper which is probably going to get thrown away at the end, This is the first time I've painted since Year 9 which was ... 7 years ago now. Jesus. I can still sketch though as I have become doodle fantastic in classes/lectures/seminars/conferences/meetings over the years.

26-Jul-2005, 15:20
If it's only watercolour ordinary soap will be fine.
As for surfaces yer a bit limited with watercolour really, it has to be absorbent enough to take the paint / water mix so that naturally lends itself to thick, expensive paper.
If you have one of those bargain books / the works type places nearby check them, the ones up here sometimes stock art stuff fairly cheap, possibly not the best quality but good enough for practicing.
One way to get around the warping you get with thinner papers is to wet the paper then stretch it on a drawing board but that's quite fiddly in itself.

An alternative idea might be to grab yourself a set of "manlier" paints such as acrylics, they dry as a plastic so they'll stick to most things. ( canvas, board, stretched paper, canvas paper, anything.)
I hate the "squishy" feel of canvas so I used to use hardboard/plywood, you'll get an A1 or bigger sheet for about a quid, bung on a coat of either primer or ordinary household matt paint and you're good to go. Cheap , easy and can also be used for oils if you ever feel the need for a bash at those.