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03-Aug-2005, 21:04
This year i'm determined to teach myself how to draw comic books (though if anyone asks it shall be 'graphic novel style illustration') and i have no idea what the best equipment is, or where to get it.
i have no idea what profesional comic-artists/illustrators use, and the interweb is giving me no answers. I've been using standard Pilot graphic pens so far but you just cant get a flowing line out of them, and they're crap for heavy shading. I'd like something where i'm able to change how heavy the line is.
If i should be using a brush instead of a pen is there a special sort? and is one brand of ink any better than another?

03-Aug-2005, 21:08
I hear Adobe Illustrator is pretty good at doing stuff like that, well thats what my mate uses for his graphics course... abeit he mainly uses it for vector graphics.

03-Aug-2005, 21:09
Show us an example of the kind of "look" you're after.

Edit: yeah, blurr has a point, a lot of it is done digitally these days, either entirely or scanned pencils/inks then colour in PS or similar.

03-Aug-2005, 21:50
I really want to get into Illustrator. I've been using Photoshop for a while, but whenever I boot up Illustrator I get scared.

03-Aug-2005, 22:17
here's a basic ink sketch i made to play with in photshop:
but i want a pen with a little more character and playability for more detailed expressive drawings.
i'm gonna try and buy a Rotring Art Pen and see how that handles. and maybe i'll buy a very basic nib holder with a range of nib sizes as well.

03-Aug-2005, 22:35
If it's more variation in the line weight you want I'd try either a non-pointy marker, caligraphy pen or a brush with ink, see how you get on.

Edit: you can get a fair variety of lines with digital too, this is 60 seconds scribbling on a tablet with no adjustments to settings on the brush.

Not pretty but shows that you can now sketch in digital with a decent variety of line.

04-Aug-2005, 12:57
Just won a graphics tablet on Ebay for 99p! I'm not expecting much, but it has to be better than using a mouse.

The plan is to get a better one come christmas time..

04-Aug-2005, 13:01
I want one but they seem to go from piddly mickey mouse 20 ones up to ludicrous professional quality 200 ones with no middle ground for the hobbyist. Come along IT Industry, cater for your customers!

04-Aug-2005, 13:44
QT, I've seen some A4+ (Wacom) ones on eBay going brand new for 70notes. Seems Wacom is the benchmark for quality too.

04-Aug-2005, 13:53
Yup, wacom is definitely the brand you want.

04-Aug-2005, 13:53
Ah but that would fly in the face of my "Don't touch Ebay for 'tis the devil!" policy.