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02-Jun-2006, 19:42
I showed u my digitel art and some work on PS
now its time to show u my hand work :E
Pencil drawing


my friend son



mystrey hat :P

(black frames or added by PS)

golgo 13
02-Jun-2006, 20:31
I love pencil drawings. I think its the simplicity and the shading effects. As a kid I used to draw using just a pencil - used to copy covers from Battle Action Force or my games mags.

I went through a phase of drawing just using a ruler and pencil. It was good for drawing aircraft, tanks etc.

Then I got to the age of 15 and the artisitc leanings died in me.

02-Jun-2006, 20:38
nice intresting story :D

well i hope u liked my drawings :)

if u could show me some of ur drawings , ill b glad to c some