View Full Version : Changing Hair Colour

09-Jan-2004, 22:01
If i have a photo open in photoshop and i wanted to change the colour of the hair is there a way of doing it so it comes out realistically. If you have a dark haired person and wanted to make them blonde, it there anyway of getting rid of dark patches where the colour burn will just turn it all black? Works both ways light to dark and dark to light. Any help

10-Jan-2004, 15:00
I'd mask off the hair area then try and use image > adjust > replace colour. Might take a bit of playing around, but should be possible.

For light > dark, you could just adjust the hue and saturation or put a transparent overlay on a layer above it.

Or you could try faffing about with the rgb channels, there's loads you could try, no idea which wil work best though.

Have a look at the colorisation tutorials here, might give you a few ideas.

I'm pretty sure there's a tut on exactly this on the adobe site but I'm not registered so I can't check if it's still there..

10-Jan-2004, 20:09
You'd also be surprised what the paintbrush tool can do with the opacity quite low. That way you can alter the shades depending on shadows/light. Use one with a blurred edge and medium in size.

11-Jan-2004, 02:59
or create a new layer set it to hue or color and colour over the hair.