View Full Version : X: The Threat Forum?

17-Feb-2004, 15:31
There seems to be a fair few people on IRC who play this, and I bet theres some more who wont admit it. Games only been out just over a week though, so some might not of heard of it yet. Basically its a space stratergy/trading/combat game. Quite similar in style to elite/freelancer/etc.

Its very customizeable and has open ended gameplay like elite, so its not going to disappear overnight.

17-Feb-2004, 17:25
Yep wouldnt mind a forum to discuss this beauty. Very cool game if you haven't tried it, but you need a lot of free time on your hands to get anywhere :)

17-Feb-2004, 18:07
Yeah it looks like a top game. Happy to add a forum for it if enough folk show an interest.

23-Feb-2004, 16:31
its a good game...amazing grahpics if t=only there was enough time in the day to play it:(

25-Feb-2004, 12:57
its not so bad when you get the advanced trading module. you can leave your ship trading in a sector and bugger off down the pub.

25-Feb-2004, 13:35
okay i missed buying it for 18 quid of play...now play are out of stock and 25

everywhere in town wants to charge 35

where's the next cheapest place...as i need this game

26-Feb-2004, 11:25
Amazon UK have it for 24.99?


26-Feb-2004, 11:37
plus delivery...

someone sell me their copy for 20

come orn you know you want to :)

26-Feb-2004, 11:58
pfft. Just warez it until you can find it cheap enough. j/k.

I think you can buy it direct at egosoft.com (work firewall wont let me get there to look)

26-Feb-2004, 12:18

***** it......-ahem-

(i have 2 power plants and a silicon mine)

i want to buy the ***** one now it's available **** and i love it

guess i'll order it at play (i ***** they're webby is more expensive)


29-Feb-2004, 03:26
Playable demo is out now :)


01-Mar-2004, 18:15
forum for X2 would be good :)

Brent Rivienne
03-Mar-2004, 01:50
After playing through the demo for a while I'd have to agree, new forum!

04-Mar-2004, 21:44
my copy is on its way. new forum please :)

12-Mar-2004, 14:47