View Full Version : Tell me wat u think

18-Oct-2003, 18:46
Copy of new pictures i have done



18-Oct-2003, 22:12
IMO the radial lines spoil the first two pieces, fits better with firebird but the lines should originate from where the sun is. Where you trying to achieve a motion blur with the first two? If so there are better blurrers out there such as Photoshops. Otherwise they look promising :)

19-Oct-2003, 11:15
No was'nt trying to achieve a blue with them im using photoshop anyway.

The wolfs was for a badge for hw2 but it didnt look right small so just made it a lot bigger

19-Oct-2003, 11:43
I just think it overwrites much of the graphics underneath.

08-Nov-2003, 19:39
The first two look kinda sloppy, and just thrown together.
The third one is cool though.

09-Nov-2003, 01:01
did you create the graphics? if so, nice work. However those sunbursts/radial lines look.. well... crap. They totaly cover up the underlying graphics, and just looks plain out of theme with the images themselves. If its a badge then it should be clean, clear, and crisp, and should be unambigious as to what it represents