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19-Oct-2003, 15:56
I've been trying to access the irc but all i get is a white window, with summat about irc wthout the beard in the title, but nothing actually appears in the window. I'm running XP with whatever the default IE is for XP (6? i dunno). Is the chat b0rked, or is it the pc?

20-Oct-2003, 14:05
Works for me. You have to download like an activex control type thing, perhaps your security settings are automatically blocking it?

The Dark One
20-Oct-2003, 14:06
Its java, which I don't think MS include these days

You can grab a copy of SUN's Java for free here : http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/download.html

20-Oct-2003, 14:24
Yup, needs the runtimes. I had the JDK already for uni work.

21-Oct-2003, 23:25
Its java, which I don't think MS include these days

Yeah, since MS where forced to stop including their own JavaVM in windows software you have to go off and download it, it seems.

Being a bear of little brain, took me ages to suss why loads of stuff wasn't working anymore when I upgraded from 98 to XP :dozey:

The Dark One
22-Oct-2003, 09:15
I think it shipped as an upgrade in some versions of SP1, but ...

SUN's JVM is much better anyway

09-Nov-2003, 23:33
I think you can also get it from windows update.