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24-Oct-2003, 11:10

Due to the upcoming loss of the BY CS rats server I think it would be appropriate that trickery should make a CS rats forum for all those rats enthusiats (spelling error?) out there :D


24-Oct-2003, 17:49
Thinking about that, I'm surprised there wasn't one at the old forums.

24-Oct-2003, 22:15
You'll probably find that all rats topics will be posted in the CS forum anyway.

29-Oct-2003, 15:28
depending upon the community I'll be pushing for this next month lads, will chat with velvet and see what the score is...

05-Nov-2003, 17:29
Im up for it, if there is sufficient interest.

05-Nov-2003, 17:36
rats maps were good for a laugh, but the hostage ones were BS.

05-Nov-2003, 18:24
for a laugh!!!! FO!

05-Nov-2003, 19:23
yeah I agree

the change of scale, depth to the maps, huge open areas complimented with tricky in door and rabbit warren style close quarters combat give them a completely different feel to any other regular CS map I've played
they're great and I hope to get a community niche on here for dedicated ratters

05-Nov-2003, 21:10
why the fuck cant you use the CS forum for it? it seems to be used for everything else. Why create new and soon to be realitvley underused forums?

05-Nov-2003, 21:24
what a charming and eloquent young man/girl/boy/woman/catholic

cos this is a facking fledgling community dat needs somewhere to draw in da punters so dat they can feel at home and then join in on da servers we find for em, a community trying to find it's footing amongst the spam inherent in the CS forum would be put off by the lack of communication it would experience in such an environment. As such a 'rats' forum would be put to good use I would hope. There are forums with less activity on them such as the America's Army one which is inactive apart from Bruisers pathetic 'first post' threads


05-Nov-2003, 21:39
and yet i bet theres 80 threads about AA in the cs forum.

05-Nov-2003, 21:59
Pod your a n00b. I think you'd be pleasantly (or agressively) surprised at the number of rats players in the UK so go away. www.ratsmaps.co.uk is VERy new and it has quite a few members already so go AWAY!

Why are u so negative? :|

and DizMatt do u respond to every damn thread ?

lol forum h4x is your level and i agree :D:D:D

RATS RULe!!!!!!!!

05-Nov-2003, 22:21
what the fu.. I'm a wha.....

thats the BEST you could come up with? "noob" ? I hesitate to say shuch things usually, but Fuck off. Its baltently obvious that you only want the forum for self interest anyway with you brand new website.

and i wouldn't be surprised by the number of rats players , but wether you like it or not rats is simply CS or TFC on big maps, post in the relevant forums

06-Nov-2003, 02:08
I don't think Pod said Fuck enough in his arguements
I'm very moved by them....
i would like to add FUCK and if possible rubbary Fuck also to my arguement above
thankyou for your time

and btw...of course people only want a new forum for their self interest...
that's the point!
there is a rats community out there, that was very strongly aligned with BYCS2, I would like to extend that into trickery.
ratsmaps.co.uk is a community funded and contributed website with content dedicated to the UK rats community. A selfless contribution.
No one here is going to say...well we need a knitting forum but i'm not into knitting...
also plz take not of COP's posts on the worms3D thread presently adjacent to this one. The purpose of this forum is to air new ideas and, if possible, for those interested to lend and show support for new forums. Not for people to troll into them and tell people to "fuck off" because they think the idea is flawed.

06-Nov-2003, 13:32
Rats forum is a good idea!

06-Nov-2003, 13:46
now I didn't expect that Munk

/me waits for the sarcastic reasoning :P

06-Nov-2003, 15:43
Many thanks to Velvet for the new forum
we'll try to put it to good use...
see you there..

06-Nov-2003, 15:43
hehe :)

Lord Fondlemaid
06-Nov-2003, 15:57
Still no bloody Helicopter forum!!!!

06-Nov-2003, 22:04
DizMatt i love you!

06-Nov-2003, 23:11
Just jealous Dan :P