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21-Apr-2004, 21:23
Is it trickery of something I have buggered up some where, but if I quickly log on read a few threads, then log off, oll the other threads are marked as read.

Can this be fixed?

21-Apr-2004, 21:28
Thought that was to do with cookies. If you click the link "View posts since last visit" while logged on, then log off, log back on and do the same, there shouldn't be any posts.

Logging on then off counts as a 'visit'. That's how I've always assumed it to be.

21-Apr-2004, 22:15
happens to me too i go away and come back and forums i havent been too are marked as read.

22-Apr-2004, 09:55
phpBB sucks, basically...

22-Apr-2004, 12:46
aye sometimes the read/unread thing is a bit temperamental

22-Apr-2004, 12:48
just never log off :)

22-Apr-2004, 12:51
never log off and hope you can read all new posts without being interupted :D

22-Apr-2004, 12:55
aye but even staying logged in can cause it to have problems sometimes

22-Apr-2004, 13:00
Can't say that's ever happened with IE or Firefox for me.
Only time I've seen that is if I've opened up another (second) IE window with trickery forums and gone to view new posts, that's when it shows them as all read.

10-May-2004, 09:28
when i log on showing new posts since last visit it only shows those as yellow thingys. if i read one thread then go to the next one it still shows all unread posts. however if i refresh the whole page it shows all posts threads as read :)

but im used to breaking things anyway :|

10-May-2004, 10:05
I never log off but still it happens.

10-Oct-2004, 00:48
fixed in new release :)

10-Oct-2004, 12:44
Uh, all threads now appear as though they are new to me, in all forums. Unless some madman has been and posted in every single thread while i was on the beer, summat is obviously up.

The Dark One
10-Oct-2004, 12:46
Nope, because of the switch in the way forums are recorded as read, everything has been marked as unread for everybody

10-Oct-2004, 12:46
Its cause we've moved over to storing stuff in the database rather than cookies, and it wasn't really practical to ask everyone to send in their cookies for processing before we went live.

Basically, have a snoop around then Mark Forums Read (http://www.trickery.net/bb/index.php?mark=forums) (link is on front index page). After this you'll find things are back to normal, without the annoyance of losing your unread threads if you go to a different pc or let a session time out.

10-Oct-2004, 12:46
deleteme then :)

10-Oct-2004, 12:47
Yeah, just found the answer in the mod forum. Ta.