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26-Apr-2004, 19:50
Wanting to do this in photoshop....


You'd think it would be easy but can't seem to find a simple way to do it (would want to apply it to all my photos you see)

Hopefully some smart person can tell me :) cheers.

26-Apr-2004, 20:12
Thats easy!

First use the retangular marguee tool and outline the required border you want.

Next you need to invert it so goto Select then chose Inverse.

Now click on the background colour icon on the left icon bar.

Now just press delete and hey presto!

You may have seen borders with a small white border and a bigger black area on its outside. Same similar process as above but you need to use Select/Modify/Contract and choose either 1 or 2 pixels. Lemme know if you require the full procedure for this.

26-Apr-2004, 20:14
I think he means having the shadow all around?

26-Apr-2004, 22:16
Just guessing here, too drunk to try it out, but I'd select the picture area you want, change the canvas size to whatever excess border you fancy, flood fill the resulting blanks with white.

Now probably do a "drop shadow" ( effects layer? don't remember..) and that should be you.

Disclaimer: there will almost certainly be a plugin that does this in about 3 clicks.

26-Apr-2004, 23:23
i dont think hes after the drop shadow, thats there to enfasize the white border.

26-Apr-2004, 23:33
Sorry yeah its the shadow in the middle of the white border I'm after.

26-Apr-2004, 23:49
in that case see if you can get a demo of eye candy 4000 somewhere, it has 2 or 3 neat border tricks.

27-Apr-2004, 01:00
ok dood I've knocked one up to show you. I'm guessing you want to know how to get the shadow in the boder yeah?

(added blue so no bugger can do me fer copy)

There is probably many ways to do this but this took me all of about 1 min, although it is a little slap dash!

-Opened image in photoshop and incresed the canvas by approx. 2 cms top & bottom.
-On a new layer acting as bg filled it with white.
-On a 3rd layer inbetween bg and image layers drawn a rectangle in white then added a drop shadow with the settings as 'Distance = 1', 'Spread = 20' and 'Size = 13', global light ticked and angle on 90.


Could possibly apply this to an action to do on numerous images without having to go through all the steps yourself, it will do it for you.

28-Apr-2004, 22:50
Sorry for not replying sooner. Thanks Fest, much appreciated. I'm having abit of bother getting it to work, getting a wee bit lost with the layers, as I got them all doing what they should as layers but can't seem to get them to all come together at the end :)

29-Apr-2004, 00:01
Oh soz, yeah when you have done everything on all of the layers in the right order you then need to merge the layers together and then save for web or save normally depending on use ;)

Note: But once you have merged, saved and closed you won't be able to split the layers apart again. Try saving a seperate draft before you merge.

02-May-2005, 22:17
It's pretty quick to do something like that. I'd do as follows

Open your pic, CTRL A and CTRL C to select it and copy it to memory

File, new. Will create a new doc, the dimensions are same as your pic that is in the memory. Increase dimensions a bit - 100 or 150 pixels

CTRL V to paste your image in, in the layers window it'll appear as layer 1

Hold CTRL and left click where it says layer 1 in layers window, this will select your layer
Go to the select menu - modify - expand, by 20 pixels or so
CTRL SHIFT N -- will make a new layer
Press G to select paint bucket tool. if it selects gradient tool press shift and g, paint your selection white, your main image will disappear because this layer is above your image layer, doesn't matter tho

Press D and X -- this will set your colours back to black and white, and swap them so white is main colour
Paint your new selection, will go white and make your pic disappear
Right click layer 2 in the layers window and select blending options, add a drop shadow with distance 0 and size 15 or whatever

This should make a nice border how you want, then you just have to change layer 2 from "Normal" to "Multiply" (in the top left of the layers window)

Thousands of ways of doing it at the end of the day ;-)

The Dark One
02-May-2005, 22:38
Doesn't photoshop have layer styles, like elements? I can just select a layer in a PSD and apply an effect like the outer glow .. if I want a border I just make the canvas bigger and select that as a layer

Note what fest said, work with PSD's ALWAYS and save them, just save a copy as a jpeg when you're done

03-May-2005, 00:21
You can do that, yeah, I can't remember how offhand.

You could also automate the process using photoshop's "actions" feature. Open your first image, then find the actions tab and click the button next to the trash can to create a new action. Do the effects as required - making sure the record button is pressed (it'll be red) so it remembers what you're doing. Then press the stop button (all these are at the bottom of the actions window) to stop recording when you're done.

Now you can keep doing that same effect on images of a similar size to your original, using whatever hotkey you bound the action to ;-)

03-May-2005, 00:53
I've created a little avi showing how I did it, will upload and give you a link.

Using ps:cs.



video (right click "save target as"):



Err I go a bit quick at some points and use a few keyboard shortcuts, I try not to but forget at a few points so here a few if you didn't know them (sorry if you do).

alt+backspace - fill the layer
tab - removes frames etc
ctrl+click+layer - selects layer transparency
ctrl+d - deselects
ctrl+t - free transform

When creating the base for the glow and transforming it either use the % fields at the top or hold alt+shift to keep it in proportion.

When I do "new style" it saves that frame so when you create a new rectangle just go to styles at the top and choose what ever you have called it.

Play around with the settings under outer glow to get the desired effect, but those seemed to work well enough although could have upped the opacity a bit more. Or apply Fest's drop shadow settings instead of the outer glow.

Hope it helps, feel free to ask any questions.

-edit 2-

And after all that I've spotted the thread is 6 days old, bloody forums :lol: