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  1. DMX
    13-Sep-2011 23:11
    I need some help with an interval training plan (or equivalent) mate.

    My weight routine is fine, im putting on muscle, about 4-5 pounds now but still lacking shedding fat around the midriff. The problem is im quite toned in certain places like my waist as you can see the V shape but then have fat built up in certain places like my love handles/stomach.

    Current rountine is 45-1 hour of weights (8 exercises but 4 supersets, one of which is for core) and then 15 minutes of interval:

    Monday - Chest/Tris, core
    Weds - Back/Bis, core
    Fri - Shoulders, core
    Sat - Legs

    I need a decent interval routine that is a bit more circuit based i.e. burpees/squat jumps etc as the weather is getting shit now and losing my motivation to go running. So I was wondering if you had some words of wisdom?


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