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  1. wooly-back-jack
    01-Jan-2013 19:59
    btw Dave if you and your DayZ chums want you can use the mumble server, there are several channels you can use if you want to stay within your group on mumble.
  2. Beer_Monster
    31-Dec-2012 19:35
    the server didn't restart at 6......was is supposed to automatically?n
  3. Beer_Monster
    30-Dec-2012 17:59
    Heya bud, I've got a problem.......When i join the server I spawn with the timer, when that ends, it just's a known problem by all accounts, but i thnk the only solution is getting killed on the server. Dunno if you can "reset" my character server-side. I can't do anything in server, even type or disconnect without alt-F4'ing.

    Also tried delteing my character, but again, a no-go
  4. Beer_Monster
    28-Dec-2012 22:50
    ok mate, dunno how this goes, but , 112 8 Across .....003 4 down

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