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  1. GroovYF
    22-Dec-2009 17:46
    That's just how that map/server is. Hardcore gaming with no elite rules! Spam to heart's content, but try to cap the points. Bit of a regular haunt for me.
    Not played a "proper" map for quite some time... just not in the mood at the moment for them.
    That orange server can help aim and reaction time, though
  2. qui`
    22-Dec-2009 17:11

    So I played on wireplay a little while ago and it was some "orange" map with all crits on.

    I didnt really understand why the map was so huge and...lacking aesthetics :p

    Also I didnt understand the need for all crits

    I was just wondering if there was some kind of elite explanation for these things, kinda like how we had to impose no midfield dm in TFC


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