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BFH 02-Feb-2017 11:18

Boston Dynamics are at it again
Damn this is starting to look like the stuff of sci-fi films....

Q-Target 02-Feb-2017 11:34

Boston's Flailing Horse?

Scrobbs 02-Feb-2017 11:54

Put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.

cunning-stunt 13-Feb-2018 07:14

This shit is getting a bit scary now!

Orange 13-Feb-2018 08:12

For military purposes I believe.

GroovYF 13-Feb-2018 09:03

Best Fucking Handjob

The movement looks so natural - I'd be scared shitless if a pack of these came running at me.

[n00b]Zippy 13-Feb-2018 10:04

Bot Flips Handle! Be Fairly Horrified!

Orange 13-Feb-2018 10:41

Oi! One at a time!

ReichSteadyCrew 13-Feb-2018 11:00

Bleak Future Hazard

Inertiaman 13-Feb-2018 11:21

Metalhead lives.

[n00b]Zippy 13-Feb-2018 12:42

What's going on there? I assume it's been told there's a door in the way and summons a robot that knows what a door handle looks like? If it figured the problem out for itself and came up with its own solution then that's a bit spooky.

Mind you, I guess the most logical solution would just be to barge the door down.

burundi 13-Feb-2018 14:24


Originally Posted by Inertiaman (Post 1366818)
Metalhead lives.

Just what I was thinking, that future doesn't seem quite so far away now. Although I'm sure a sledgehammer could fuck one of those things up nicely.

Scrobbs 13-Feb-2018 15:22

Starting to look more like the houndeyes from HL2 now. BD should upload that sample for a laugh.

BFH 13-Feb-2018 17:37


Originally Posted by Orange (Post 1366816)
Oi! One at a time!

They all failed tbh - forum rules clearly dictate no new versions until i've fucking posted.

[n00b]Zippy 13-Feb-2018 17:49

Bollocked For Hastiness :(

BFH 13-Feb-2018 18:17

thats more like it

Nomad 13-Feb-2018 19:14

bouncing fleshlight hound

it's only a matter of time until one of the staff tries that or is in a&e explaining why the hand one tugged it off completely

BFH 14-Feb-2018 12:44

yeah - explaining the "handjob version 1.0" software to the boss would be a hell of a conversation.

GroovYF 24-May-2018 14:35

We needn’t fear a robot uprising... just sprinkle the ground with banana skins...

[n00b]Zippy 24-May-2018 15:08

Oof! I suspect the bit after they cut it was a bit undignified.

BFH 24-May-2018 15:16

Bloody Foot Hazard

So obvious you're all sacked tbh

[n00b]Zippy 24-May-2018 15:36

Bananas Foil Hooves

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