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Munkee 30-Jun-2004 16:53

Microsoft offers free games for XBox live referrals
Gamespot reports that Microsoft is pushing for more XBox Live subscribers by offering a "sell your mate for a game" offer.

After you've convinced an unsuspecting pal to sign up for a 12 month subscription to XBox Live, visit the Xbox website and get them to give your details as their "referrer" and you'll receive a copy of one of : Links 2004, Top Spin, or RalliSport Challenge 2.

Pushing subscribers into such a long term commitment to their gaming service will help further widen the multiplayer skills gap between the XBox and the PS2. With Sony showing little interest in promoting or supporting online gaming the XBox is carving itself out a nice little niche as the "online gamers" console. Microsoft may also be hoping that binding customers to the XBox live service will help smooth the transition to XBox 2 which may well drop backwards compatibility with the original XBox.

The scheme is only active until the end of July so you're advised to shop your mates early.

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