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Minty 02-Aug-2017 09:49

Path Of Fire Expansion Announced

Released on 22nd September!

Went back to GW2 after about a year and a half off recently. Its only gotten better!

EvilGrin 02-Aug-2017 11:03

Is there a 'returning player' guide somewhere that I could read to get up to speed with what I've missed (only played a launch).

Minty 02-Aug-2017 13:49

Not so much a guide that Im aware of, but if you follow the "Living World" story it should explain a lot of the new mechanics. Masteries are a fantastic way to provide end game progression without needing to raise the level cap and really make you feel more powerful.

m00se 02-Aug-2017 14:33

Now if only I could remember my login details. Not played since the game came out originally.

Minty 02-Aug-2017 18:10

There is a password reset function if youre unsure. Oh and for any returning players, feel free to give me a shout if you want a tour of the new areas.... including Lions Arch! The main city was destroyed by an invasion in Living World season 1. Looks a lot different now....

m00se 02-Aug-2017 21:09

Password reset which requires your cd-key which of course was on an email 5 years ago. Do you think I can find the said email?

Minty 03-Aug-2017 11:09

Well thats shit. Try contacting Tech Support. Ive only used tech support twice but both times theyve been quite quick to respond and really helpful.

Full announcement trailer:

The Elementalist specialisation has me excited. The prospect of combining Fire and Air elements sounds like a DPS dream!

m00se 04-Aug-2017 21:54

Have managed to gain access to my account, turns out it was on an email I don't normally use for games. Purchased the DLC's, so much to catch up on. Best character for solo?

Minty 05-Aug-2017 21:49

Not really any such thing. Its all pretty well balanced in terms of PVE and PVP. Thief may be your best shot and is probably the fastest for levelling with. You'll die quickly if you try to soak up any damage, but you will also be excellent at avoiding it.

Revenant is also good, but will take a lot more work to get similar results.

m00se 06-Aug-2017 07:59

Well I had a low level necromancer, now have that up to level 50 odd. Have my level 80 Warrior from before too. Might try thief out though as have 2 level 80 boost things.

GiN 06-Aug-2017 08:31

Try some daily boss runs/tours to get your gear up to scratch on your max levels ,crafting that ascended is a long process . Press Y and look though the tabs :-)

Minty 06-Aug-2017 17:59

Totally agree, bosses and "meta map" runs are great ways to get better gear and earn your mastery points.

Heres a boss event timer to use:

And heres a map timer:

Stick with bosses at first. Kill them as much as you can. Almost all of them have a chance to drop very rare items that can really help boost your gold reserves. Once youve gone through the HoT storyline, you should look at joining up to some groups with the group finder. Plenty of "commanders" run these maps with the aim of getting the highest reward levels possible and its a great way to see what the game has to offer. Dragon Stand is a particular favourite of mine.

m00se 06-Aug-2017 19:17

Just working on unlocking all the map at the moment. Thanks for the links shall use them once I get to 80 on my necro.

EvilGrin 06-Aug-2017 19:20

Alrightly, I've bought the expansion and figured out my login (thanks lastpass!). I'l be in-game as soon as the client is installed. How do I get hold of people (I'm on the trickery discord if thats easier).

Minty 07-Aug-2017 00:19

I wasn't aware trickery had a discord! That would be handy!

I'm still Leben.5647 and I think Ive still got you on my friends list from release day. Working a lot of night shifts this month though so don't count on seeing me much unless you play early afternoons.

EvilGrin 07-Aug-2017 00:49

I am still in the trickery guild.

Minty 07-Aug-2017 01:33


Originally Posted by EvilGrin (Post 1358679)
I am still in the trickery guild.

As am I! But there's nobody active anymore. Very dead guild. I can get you invited to my new guild quite easily. I know they're after people.

EvilGrin 07-Aug-2017 11:23

Sounds good.

Also, I logged in and was immediately overwhelmed. I opted to attempt to clear out my bags after being bombarded with 3 years of 'stuff' in mails. I also pressed the 'level 80 trial' button and ended up in Silverwastes, confused.

TL;DR I have no idea what I'm (supposed) to be doing.

Minty 07-Aug-2017 15:52

Yeah they changed the levelling process. Its no quicker than it was before, but its a bit more descriptive of what all the mechanics of the game are etc. This involves a pop up every time you level up and sometimes emails as well, telling you where to go.

Silverwastes and Dry Top were added in before the release of the first expansion. They were part of the "living story" (which Ill try to explain seperately) and were the first real experiments with having a map meta to achieve. Dry Top was the first and the idea was that we had signs that the Jungle Dragon was waking up and that this was where Scarlet had conducted her experiments (Again, more on her in a sec) so players were sent here to find out more. It became very popular, with large groups of players going round, trying to achieve the highest rewards possible. So they released the Silverwastes which expanded on the idea and was a little further on in the story, so there are plenty of living vines from the Jungle Dragon and Mordrem (its minions) to fight. Its also home to the largest and longest jumping puzzle in the game.... dont even try it if youre feeling overwhelmed already. It actually takes up the entirety of the map, both above AND below ground.

So, hopefully if I can explain the Living World it might help to make things a little less confusing:

Living World season 1 was Arenanets attempt to continue the Guild Wars story following the death of Zhaitan, the Death Dragon. It centred on a Sylvari called Scarlet, whom it turned out had been corrupted by a vision of the Jungle Dragon and how it linked to the other Dragons. So she set about trying to awake the Jungle Dragon. She did that by drawing players away from Lions Arch and fighting massive mechanical minions of her design over a number of months (and trust me, Im really shortening this story down. This story was told over about 8 months, with bi-monthly updates), before she eventually used her resources to invade Lions Arch. Lions Arch is the centre of a convergence of Ley Lines (magical energy, which the dragons feed on) and her goal was to tap into that convergence to waken Mordremoth. She was successful:

Players obviously fought back and confronted her on her giant drill. I should also mention that in this living story, players had begun to find new allies, with the intention of forming a small, elite fighting force. Your new allies were Kasmeer Meade (a human mesmer), Marjory Delaqua (a human necromancer), Rox (a Charr hunter), Braham Eirsson (a norn Guardian. Also Eir's son from the original storyline), Taimi (an Asura Golemancer. Extremely intelligent but incapable of combat outside of her golem due to a genetic condition causing brittle bones) and occasionally Canach (a Sylvari warrior). Together, that fighting force defeated Scarlet on her ship:

You cannot play Living World season 1 ever again. It took place in the open world and affected entire maps. You can see remnants of the battles in a number of areas, but most obviously in Kessex Hills where a giant tower has fallen and the land is full of toxic spores.

Living World season 2 explained the run up to Heart of Thorns, where we began to realise that Scarlet had been successful in waking the dragon and also found out how Scarlet had been corrupted and why. You can actually replay Living World season 2 step by step, but you do have to purchase it now. I think you can buy the entire lot for about 10 quid though.

Living World season 3 took place after the death of Mordremoth and is some of the best content Ive seen released for the game. It leads up to the Path of Fire expansion, explaining how the death of Mordremoth has affected the other dragons, follows the return of one of the primary bad guys from Guild Wars 1 and sets up the enemy for PoF. Again, you will have to pay for most of these now (apart from the last chapter if you log in now), but each chapter of the story adds an entirely new map to the game, so I do heartily recommend it.

To be clear, you dont always have to pay for the Living World episodes. If you log in at all while the current episode is live, its unlocked for free, forever on your account. There was a long time I wasnt playing but was still logging in just to ensure I unlocked the Living World episode. Updates are no longer every fortnight and now get released roughly once every 2-3 months but they are a lot more involved than they used to be. One episode in LS1 was just a new World Boss on a 2 hour spawn timer that needed 4 seperate groups of co-ordinated play to defeat it. (Again, the boss is gone and never coming back, but you can still see remnants of it in Lormars Pass at False River valley. Its actually a Vista Point now)

Hopefully this has helped to clear some stuff up.

Minty 08-Aug-2017 20:24

The one day this week I get a chance to play and theres a power outage in their data centre :lol:

Been down since about midday and no sign of it coming back up soon.

Minty 08-Aug-2017 21:51

The pre-PoF expansion patch is now up. Whole new launcher appearance and a massive pile of patch notes. Servers still down though.

Patch notes

m00se 14-Aug-2017 18:30

Any chance of an invite too?

Also infinite mining tools worth it? Guess it doesn't cost much for the tools anyway.

Minty 14-Aug-2017 20:29


Originally Posted by m00se (Post 1358962)
Any chance of an invite too?

Also infinite mining tools worth it? Guess it doesn't cost much for the tools anyway.

Yeah I'll sort it when we are online together. I'm basically on nights every night this week though so unless you're on in mid afternoon it's unlikely to be this week.

Minty 14-Aug-2017 20:34

Oh and I love infinite gathering tools. I actually have a collection of different ones. They all perform the same basic function but have different animations. The one exception is the watchwork mining pickaxe that also gathers watchwork sprockets when you mine, which sell pretty well on the trading post.

Duffeh 27-Aug-2017 15:39

Well I've just hit 80, havent bought either expansion yet but in a pickle what to do now. I've not touched a dungeon yet and quite frankly I'm not sure how I'd do in one. Its one thing running around the world randomly to running a dungeon where I could well suck big time. I guess a guild would help in that regard.

Feel free to add me btw, Duffeh.1426.

Minty 30-Aug-2017 09:37

Actually, dungeons these days are largely dead. Arenanet expected them to be quite big at release and, to be fair, the WoW players coming across made them quite popular. The dungeons then were basically farmed over and over and over again to the point that nobody wanted to run them anymore. Guild Wars isnt about farming shit ad infinitum so the more seasoned Guild Wars 1 players opted out of the whole thing.

Arenanet released Fractals Of The Mists about a year into the games life, to try and get the dungeon running crowd back. Fractals are basically shorter dungeons, run randomly, that get increasingly harder as you progress up the difficulty scale. High levels of fractals require "Agony Resistance" which takes a lot of time and money to achieve high levels of. My advice? Start learning fractals, not dungeons.

All that being said, GW is a different game to most MMOs. 90% of the playerbase will react positively to you saying youre a new player and will offer help and advice to get you through a dungeon or fractal, depending on what you choose.

Ill happily give you a guild invite when I get online..... but this month is turning into a complete nightmare! Working AT LEAST 72 hours a week for the last 3 weeks, working at least 60 hours for the next 2 weeks and when I finally got chance to play last night, I came home to find my internet was down (still down this morning. Using phone as a WiFi hotspot to post this) so Im currently completely unavailable. Still, once Ive settled into this new job role, I wont have to work as many hours :E

Duffeh 30-Aug-2017 14:49

Ouch, thats alot of work.

But yeah I'n in no rush, decided to buy the expansions, so just slowly (very slowly) working on mastery's and my crafting.

Minty 09-Sep-2017 14:41

Ill actually have time to play tomorrow night. I know, I know, its unbelievable! Anyway, if anyone is looking for help, guidance, guild invites etc. Try to be online tomorrow and Ill help out wherever I can! Should also have more time to play in the coming months. New job means less hours :)

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