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Scrobbs 31-Mar-2018 13:32

Had 2 mins with it, vut wipeout seems quite intense.

Blunteh 31-Mar-2018 18:23

Had a quick blast on GT VR and loved it. I guess the only VR content is through the VR tour section. Very immersive (even if the gfx make you feel like you're playing on a PS2).

GroovYF 31-Mar-2018 22:44

Rez Infinite is pretty epic. Getting lost in the gameplay and music... the missus has to speak loudly to ask me to stop tapping my foot ( time with the tunes)!!

Intron 02-Apr-2018 10:10

Super Hot , but that is a given is great.
Drive Club VR is better than GT to be honest as the races are all in VR compared to a single AI in GT.
Doom VR is also a hell of a roller coaster ride of experiences it is quite good on the PSVR.
Race the Sun actually worked really nice in VR if a little pointless.
PSVR worlds is good for a pick up just to play the London Heist mode which is now having a new game all of its own based around the concept.
Rush of Blood is a good on rails shooter like time crisis but with zombies and a nightmare carnival of clowns..... the bit that got me was the spiders crawling over your face!!! FUCK THAT!
Battle zone is a nostalgia filled Tank fest i had good fun with that.
RIGS on the other hand is a Vomit Inducing shit fest i couldn't get any control setup that felt right and all it did was induce nausea.

Scrobbs 02-Apr-2018 12:02

I quite liked the asteroid one on vr worlds. Nearly made me fall over at one point leaping between them. Not tried heist yet. Ocean one is good too. Battlezone is quite good. Wipeout is pure intensity. Will leave off driveclub I think, as want to get RE7, Moss and Statik at some point.

Also like the fact you can have the tv on something else, so mrs can watch TV if she wants.

Scrobbs 05-Apr-2018 00:29

Holy fuck. Just discovered the vr comfort settings on wipeout. Turning them off (lock to pilot, vr view restrictions off) and it gets so much more. This is how wipeout was meant to be played! Looking above your head to see the track above you on a loop gives such a sense of freedom.

Scrobbs 08-Apr-2018 00:31

Dirt rally VR w/wheel and chair is pretty spesh. Still awful at it!

Belgarath 08-Apr-2018 02:44

Most racing games are next level in VR. Codemasters support is fairly shoddy though, considering they only make racing games.

GroovYF 08-Apr-2018 07:30

Dirt Rally is better that GT Sport and Driveclub VR in my opinion... crashed a few times gazing out of the window to take in the scenery!
The London Heist demo was fantastic, and I genuinely grinned like an idiot when I realised you can lean out of the window to look/shoot behind you.

aird 08-Jun-2018 17:04

Down to 199.99 for the next 2 weeks.

Minty 08-Jun-2018 20:58

Yeah..... I mightve bought one with the move controllers. Superhot, gran turismo and wipe out here I come!

Scrobbs 08-Jun-2018 22:57

Wipeout in VR with all the comfort settings off is possibly the most intensive gaming experience I've ever had. You take the headset off after 20 minutes just to calm down before diving back in!

Minty 08-Jun-2018 23:29

Well other than the 3 games mentioned, are there any games that are must haves or just excellent experiences? Very tempted by Skyrim again. With the move controllers and using sword and shield myself? Oh aye.

Scrobbs 09-Jun-2018 06:25

Moss. Totally charming.

I've heard that Statik is very good, as is RE7.

Minty 09-Jun-2018 07:50

Oh shit I forgot about re7. I bet that's really hard to play for long.

Inertiaman 09-Jun-2018 08:18


Originally Posted by Scrobbs (Post 1371427)
Wipeout in VR with all the comfort settings off is possibly the most intensive gaming experience I've ever had. You take the headset off after 20 minutes just to calm down before diving back in!

STOP IT it's five hundred quid. Hnnnng.

GroovYF 09-Jun-2018 08:44

Rez Infinite for the experience. Massively engrossing.

Scrobbs 09-Jun-2018 17:00


Originally Posted by Inertiaman (Post 1371437)
STOP IT it's five hundred quid. Hnnnng.

Ha. Well, I think, Matt, you work hard and you owe it to yourself to get the full fat antigrav racing experience. (It really is incredible. Assume better with the Pro).

Minty 11-Jun-2018 15:56

Ok so you werent kidding about Wipeout being intense Scrobbs. Holy fucking shit. I locked the view to the pilot and ended up feeling like I was on a roller coaster, in a boat, during a storm. Really immersive though!

Also tried the RE7 demo which was fucking horrifying.

GroovYF 11-Jun-2018 16:17

Have a laugh at London Heist from the demo stuff.

Trackmania Turbo is a little stomach-churning at times too!
If No Man’s Sky is your bag, there are vague rumours of VR support in the NEXT update coming in July.

Minty 11-Jun-2018 16:40

I do own No Mans Sky. Got told it was good now.... and well, it kinda isn't. It IS listed in the PSVR store though.

Just tried Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood. Holy shit! If you have the move controllers get it played, its fucking brilliant!

Minty 12-Jun-2018 11:52

Horrifying in VR. The bit with the characters approaching you is very jumpy as they REALLY lean in. The roller coaster sections also give a sensation of movement. You also have to move in your seat to avoid some obstacles. Forgive the random firing at the start, was adjusting my position and they're on a hair trigger :P

GroovYF 12-Jun-2018 12:42

FTS - Fuck That Shit @ 1:38!!! That would have me needing new underwear.

devs 12-Jun-2018 13:00

fuck that sort of game. the pigs screams would have shook me up!

Minty 12-Jun-2018 13:11


Originally Posted by GroovYF (Post 1371592)
FTS - Fuck That Shit @ 1:38!!! That would have me needing new underwear.

Thats a really mild scare compared to some of them. There was one that nearly made me fall out of my chair :lol:

Inertiaman 16-Jun-2018 18:40

So...yeah. Immaculate PS4 Pro, PSVR, Pad, Two Move controllers and two games for 450 thanks to Cash Converters and someone who clearly doesn't know how to manage their finances...

GroovYF 16-Jun-2018 18:52

Good call! Bargain!

Scrobbs 16-Jun-2018 20:04

That is an incredible bargain. Plenty of spare cash to buy Wipeout. PSN name is this one <-

Inertiaman 16-Jun-2018 20:09

Yeah mullered some of that last night. Superb experience.

Minty 16-Jun-2018 20:43

Rush Of Blood has been my best VR experience so far. Got RE7 the other night and it's nowhere near as good as the aforementioned.

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