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stepper 10-Aug-2011 18:23

Largely unfunny and racist riot jokes
Highly controversial some of these! Full credit to Sickipedia

My racist jokes are getting a lot of dislikes today.

It's almost as if hundreds of niggers have all just got a new laptop or something.

When I saw all the niggers rioting on Tottenham high street I knew I had to find somewhere safe to hide where they wouldn't go.

I hid in the job centre.

I see a couple of police cars were wrecked during last night's riots in Tottenham.

Rather short-sighted of the black community, ruining 2 of their methods of public transport like that.

Aaron Lennon takes it on his chest and brings it down, passes it to Bassong who runs with it before laying it off to Huddlestone, Defoe spots a window and makes a run, Huddlestone sees him and makes the pass and Defoe puts it away nicely.

"Right lads," says Palacios, "let's get one more Plasma before the fucking pigs get here."

I was in North London this morning and I saw a bloke in a wheelchair. I said to him, "What happened to you?"

He replied, "I was in Nam."

I said, "What, Vietnam?"

He said, "No. Tottenham."

Don't quite understand looting whilst rioting. At what point do you stop standing up for what you believe in and decide life would be better with a free radio alarm clock?

A group of black guys walk into a shop, pick something up and walk out without paying

Since when has this been news?

David Lambie, MP says that the people who rioted in Tottenham last night 'came from far away to cause trouble'.

Yes David, Jamaica is far away.

Danny Dyer spotted 4 miles away from the London riots, giving it large in front of his camera crew...

Confusion in Tottenham this morning, as the niggers who torched a post office at the weekend turn up wanting to collect their benefits.

London police have released CCTV footage of the youths involved in the riots in Tottenham last night.

Anyone that recognises any of the teeth should call Crimestoppers immediately.

Shocking scenes this morning on Sky News of the Tottenham Riots.

Footage shows a group of Asian men looting a Retail Park. Comet, JD Sports and Lidls were all raided.

Unsurprisingly though, toiletries giant Boots remained untouched.

I don't blame those Blacks in north London for going on a looting rampage....

How else are they supposed to make a living now Amy Winehouse isn't buying skag anymore ?.

Riot Sparks Police Investigation:

I'll save them the bother. It was the blacks.

An Irish guy I know went looting in Tottenham last night.

He gave up when he didn't have a pound coin for a trolley.

In an attempt to end the riots, metropolitan police officers have been issued with new uniform and equipment.

A white sheet, a flaming torch and a noose.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing on my tv yesterday watching those fucking niggers running around in London.

They were 2-0 up and still managed to lose to Man United in the Community Shield.

If nothing else, the Tottenham riots have highlighted the disgraceful inequality that exists in our society.

By the time I got to Comet, those fast-running niggers had made off with all the decent tellies.

London really need to work on the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics

Orange 10-Aug-2011 18:39

You're better than this.

Blunteh 10-Aug-2011 19:19


Rainy 10-Aug-2011 19:43

Should have just called this Racist jokes not riot jokes.

PsYcHoKiLLa 10-Aug-2011 19:45

Ban him!!

You're a real piece of shit.

Fulmineus 10-Aug-2011 19:49

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Ashen 10-Aug-2011 19:55

Oh goose...what have u become

Chef_uk 10-Aug-2011 20:12

At least he created a thread for these jokes specifically so it was pretty obvious of what the tone would be, and also some of the jokes posted in the official joke thread are far worse than these IMHO.

stepper 10-Aug-2011 20:15

They are quite clearly in jest, the clue is in the thread title!

jackthezipper 10-Aug-2011 20:52

They're not that bad although I'd do a find and replace (nigger with black).

Minty 10-Aug-2011 21:03


Originally Posted by Orange (Post 1206580)
You're better than this.


Invis 10-Aug-2011 21:49

Heh. Forwarded a few of them on :D

The Big Kahuna 10-Aug-2011 22:39

Good job the EDL membership are too fucking stupid to spell "Google", or we'd have an extra 20,000 trickery members by tomorrow morning.

Inertiaman 10-Aug-2011 23:01

You've got to be much funnier to be that offensive.

In other news, rioting has spread to Ireland. My cousin Mick just smashed up his laptop trying to raid eBay.

ReichSteadyCrew 10-Aug-2011 23:46

None of those were funny and it cemented my opinion of you. Good job

Hamspoons 11-Aug-2011 00:36

Sickipedia rule of thumb - About 1 in 200 are actually funny. The rest barely register as jokes (these ones included)

Ned 11-Aug-2011 01:02

Hello Rioters, Look at your Friend, now back 2 me, Now at your friend, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, But if he stopped using petrol bombs, And started using the Job centre he could potentially be me, Look down, Back up. Where are we? Your at an interview with the man your friend could work for. What’s in your hand? Back 2 me. I have it. It’s an application form to that job you need. Look again. The form is now money. Anything is possible when you get a job and stop looting. Im on a horse

Beef~ 11-Aug-2011 02:18

Unimaginative rubbish. There are funny racist jokes. Just using a racial epithet does not make it so.

The Big Kahuna 11-Aug-2011 06:46

Just in case you weren't sure, Chris will explain.

stepper 11-Aug-2011 08:08

Since when did trickery become so self-righteous? Christ if it offends people i'll take them down but as Chef said, there has been far worse shit posted in other threads!

DoZ 11-Aug-2011 09:00

Words in and of themselves are fucking neutral. If the jokes above made you feel like you wanted to burn black people or made you think worse of them, then you're the racist. If they made you feel stepper was going to do burn them or think less of them, then you're stupid.

They weren't brilliant but they're hardly inciting racial hatred.

Inertiaman 11-Aug-2011 09:18

What if you just thought it was sub-par and not worth the contention in the first place?

DoZ 11-Aug-2011 09:24

Wholly valid :-)

Q-Target 11-Aug-2011 10:13

Thread title amended

Nomad 11-Aug-2011 10:22

danny dyer is a cockney annoyance mind, that one was ok

mr_o 11-Aug-2011 11:38

Lets lighten the mood. I think we can all get behind Danny Dyer getting punched.

Blunteh 11-Aug-2011 11:58


Originally Posted by stepper (Post 1206646)
Since when did trickery become so self-righteous? Christ if it offends people i'll take them down but as Chef said, there has been far worse shit posted in other threads!

I'm not offended in the slightest, they're just shit racist jokes though. No one's telling you to remove them, just that they thought you had higher standards :)

Nomad 11-Aug-2011 12:31


cheap black gags imo especially when the rioting was the work of think cunts, not one particular ethnic or religious minority, just general scum with the audacity to blame some toerags death, who they or i couldn't give a fuck about, for the reason they've gone looting. a man with an illegal firearm gets shot, his fault at the end of the day. he shouldn't have died and i'm sure they'ld have liked to take him alive but if you have a gun, i'm happy for cops to shoot you and death is a risk in the heat of the moment. it is not a reason to loot and fuck peoples lives up

Solex 11-Aug-2011 12:51


Originally Posted by The Big Kahuna (Post 1206642)
Just in case you weren't sure, Chris will explain.

Chris rock is about as funny as Rape.

Dave 11-Aug-2011 12:55

They are only offensive if you let them be, it would take a lot more than that to get me offended anyway.

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