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cunning-stunt 08-May-2015 11:42

ARMA 3 sale.
Bit of a sale on Steam over the weekend, ARMA 3, DAYZ and other Bohemia titles.

wooly-back-jack 17-Jun-2015 21:58

if anyone still hasn't got it, look what's in the works:

Ashen 17-Jun-2015 22:00

Bloody hell that is pretty

wooly-back-jack 17-Jun-2015 22:33

...and it's just screaming out for Vietnam missions :E

PsYcHoKiLLa 17-Jun-2015 22:35

Meh...Foliage, landscape and one plane. not much of a demo, I bet the cars still bounce off things like they're made of rubber

Ashen 17-Jun-2015 22:35

Excellent I am well trained in the art of hiding in bushes

Randell 19-Jun-2015 17:12

so Arma 3 finally looks like far Cry 1 :P

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