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Harry Palmer 01-May-2009 19:14

Dead Pool - Who is going to die?
Post your guess.

Patrick Swayze

Bad-Co 01-May-2009 19:19

Lots of Mexicans

Neutron 01-May-2009 19:29

hardly a fair guess Harry!

Cliff richard!

Harry Palmer 01-May-2009 19:30

:D gotta get in with a "dead cert"...

danred5 01-May-2009 19:37

Edward Woodward.

Sh0cked 01-May-2009 19:39

Eddie Jordan.

Heartwork 01-May-2009 19:40

patrick moore, as always

funkeh 01-May-2009 19:48

Kerry Katona, well here's hoping anyway.

Neutron 01-May-2009 19:54


Originally Posted by Heartwork (Post 1058589)
patrick moore, as always

Sir Patrick Moore, please.

ReichSteadyCrew 01-May-2009 19:54

the rock singer

Melly 01-May-2009 21:18

maddy mcann ;)

Synbios 01-May-2009 21:29


BBW 02-May-2009 00:20


Evil_Sarevok 02-May-2009 00:24

And this is about.... what exactly.

BBW 02-May-2009 00:39

Who's going to die next!

Spanks 02-May-2009 00:50

death prediction thread? :P

Sid 02-May-2009 01:21

Gertrude Baines

blackisle 02-May-2009 01:42

Richard Quest, please please please let it be Richard Quest

mope 02-May-2009 02:28

Tommy Cockles

mAF 02-May-2009 08:39

My Nan for the 18th time ahh another sickie :P

Jim 02-May-2009 10:44

Jade Go... oh wait, sorry ... what are we playing?

jackthezipper 02-May-2009 12:10

Peter Andre

[n00b]Zippy 05-May-2009 09:15


Originally Posted by danred5 (Post 1058586)
Edward Woodward.

Why does Edward Woodward have so many Ds in his name?

Because he'd be Ewar Woowar if he didn't.

DizMatt 05-May-2009 09:19

Carol Vorderman....

Minty 05-May-2009 09:22

Barack Obama

[RaG]Ethel 05-May-2009 09:26

Farrah Fawcett

Inertiaman 05-May-2009 09:40


Originally Posted by DizMatt (Post 1059069)
Carol Vorderman....

She won't die, she'll ascend and become a timeless being of pure energy. Like in Stargate.

Sysagent 05-May-2009 10:11

[RaG]Ethel 05-May-2009 10:11

Ascend ? Pfft - I'd much rather Carol Vorderman went down

Q-Target 05-May-2009 10:19


Originally Posted by Sysagent (Post 1059079)

I am NOT going to die ffs!...oh...wait

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