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EvilGrin 02-Apr-2016 15:37

Tesla Model 3
  • 215 mile range per charge
  • Under 6 seconds zero to 60 mph
  • Seating for 5 Adults
  • 5-star safety rating in all categories
  • Autopilot safety features
  • Supercharging

Here is the release announcement video:

And a test ride (skip to the 9 minute mark)

DJCarlos 02-Apr-2016 20:08

I want one.

Scrobbs 02-Apr-2016 20:27

Happened to be in Brum on thursday, popped in and put deposit down.

devs 02-Apr-2016 21:44

"Welcome to the Family" Scrobbs. 3 people from trickery now it seems.

mr_o 02-Apr-2016 23:37


andy 02-Apr-2016 23:57

Same. Was going to order a model S but decided to wait for this instead - looks great. A bit longer to wait though :)

GroovYF 03-Apr-2016 08:26

Got my RN yesterday... now just the wait!

Orange 03-Apr-2016 10:40

It's an amazing thing, but is there any way to get the announcement without the whooping Americans?

devs 03-Apr-2016 15:51


Originally Posted by GroovYF (Post 1335321)
Got my RN yesterday... now just the wait!

what does the RN actually mean? Me and another fella on trickery ordered it about an hour apart and our numbers about 1m apart, and there certainly wasnt that many ordered in between.

bigdog 03-Apr-2016 16:24

It's just a randomly generated unique identifier.

Orange 03-Apr-2016 18:09

Does a pre-order give you access to any variants (for example of they do a GTi type model)?

EvilGrin 03-Apr-2016 18:48

250k Pre-Orders.

cunning-stunt 03-Apr-2016 19:11

Tesla underestimate demand.

Inertiaman 03-Apr-2016 19:33


Originally Posted by Orange (Post 1335335)
Does a pre-order give you access to any variants (for example of they do a GTi type model)?

Probably safe to assume they'll do range/performance packages as per the S. They talked about the stated cost being for base model.

Not really feeling the hype myself. The deal remains crippled by battery and infrastructure. At least the latter has some room to improve.

Belgarath 03-Apr-2016 19:50

$35,000 is the base price, there will apparently be options that could take it up to $50-60,000. They haven't said what they are yet, but there will be a part 2 reveal.

Belgarath 03-Apr-2016 20:08

Now 276,000.

devs 03-Apr-2016 23:03

whats its demand like in comparison to other cars? Are there other companies that have had a similar launch? name down for 2 years time.

Belgarath 04-Apr-2016 01:42

Toyota, Volkswagen Group and GM all sell around 10 million cars annually, Tesla are aiming to sell 500,000.

The best selling individual models sell around 1 million per year - a cursory Google suggests.

devs 04-Apr-2016 09:47

i meant more on the lines of....does a BMW 350 get shown and released 2 years down the line and also have such a huge demand in comparison to Tesla?

Inertiaman 04-Apr-2016 09:59

Bit harder for BMW to impact market against scarcity because everyone knows they're not incompetent enough to undersupply.

Eja Cool8 04-Apr-2016 16:26


Originally Posted by Orange (Post 1335335)
Does a pre-order give you access to any variants (for example of they do a GTi type model)?

From the Tesla site, it looks like one size fits all.

EvilGrin 04-Apr-2016 16:42

We will find out properly in the second announcement.

andy 04-Apr-2016 21:01

Any idea / indication of there on timing of when that will be?

EvilGrin 05-Apr-2016 09:43

I would say months.

Belgarath 08-Apr-2016 01:23

Now upto 325,000 pre-orders, Elon Musk says he expects to be at 500,000 before the Part 2 reveal - so you can probably guesstimate the time.

If it sells every car that's been reserved, the company says it will earn enough revenue to make this the "biggest one-week launch of any product ever."

devs 08-Apr-2016 12:42

doesnt he want to produce 100k cars a year? with 500k cars, we will be many many years away, and they wont hit 100k cars a year immediately anyway. each car takes around 4 days to make i think.

Belgarath 08-Apr-2016 12:57

500,000 per year.

Scrobbs 08-Apr-2016 14:12

Email I had this morning:

We're currently increasing our production plans to minimize the wait for your Model 3. In the meantime, if you have questions about your reservation or Model 3, you can find all the information you need here.

devs 08-Apr-2016 21:49

by 2018, its still only 200k :(

devs 09-Apr-2016 19:03


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