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dirky 16-Oct-2010 23:35

Films I've seen lately w/ ratings
Avatar: 9/10

Inception: 9/10

Shutter Island: 7/10

Benjamin Button: 7/10

Predators: 3/10

Hitch: 8/10 (:))

City of God: 6/10

Hancock: 4/10

I am Legend: 7/10

mAF 17-Oct-2010 06:25

A10/V10 Seed plx

ophiuchus 17-Oct-2010 09:00

Scott Pilgrim 10/10
Machete 9/10
Milk 9/10
A-Team 6/10
Shrek Forever After 7/10

Really, City of God only a 6 dirky!? I haven't seen it in ages but would give it at least a 9.

Dave 17-Oct-2010 09:06

Still need to see that Inception, every copy i got was bobbins didnt want to spoil it.

Kenny 17-Oct-2010 11:03

RED is good wuite enjoyed it .

dirky 17-Oct-2010 11:06

I was thinking about that ophi and I'd give it a 7 at most. It was an eye opener but to me it went on for so long. The Brazil slums are violent places. We get it.

Milk and Machete? Never heard ...

Beef~ 17-Oct-2010 11:33

Suprised you gave City of God (Cidade de Deus?) such a low score. I was a wreck after watching it. Best film on the list in my opinion.

BBW 17-Oct-2010 16:15

^ this.

dirky 18-Oct-2010 00:22

The Bourne Identity: 9/10
... Supremecy: 8/10
... Ultimatem: 9/10

Believe it or not, I'd never seen them! Surely the best spy/thriller trilogy there's been.

BBW 18-Oct-2010 07:26

Looking at your ratings begs a question:

Why did you watch City of God? It's clearly not for you!

ophiuchus 18-Oct-2010 16:59

I think he should commended for watching it. Better watching it and disliking it than not watching it and claiming its not his thing.

The only reason I questioned the rating is because hes the first I've seen not give it the double thumbs up. Everyone is allowed their opinion.

Machete - See the thread we have going.
Milk - It's a biopic about the first elected gay official in America. Starring Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and James Franco.

MaNiC^ 18-Oct-2010 18:39

Predators deserves better then a 3 for the references to the first film :P a 5 !

Hamspoons 18-Oct-2010 19:23

My dad didn't rate City of God either. But apparently he didn't get round to watching it all, so his opinion doesn't properly count :)

Scrobbs 18-Oct-2010 19:57

City of god the one set in Brazilian slums?

wooly-back-jack 18-Oct-2010 22:32

I read it as city of gold and have now got that theme tune from the cartoon stuck in my head :(

Nomad 18-Oct-2010 22:36


wooly-back-jack 18-Oct-2010 22:39


Originally Posted by Nomad (Post 1161919)

Randell 18-Oct-2010 22:53

Social Network 9/10

Oh and City of God is ace

dirky 19-Oct-2010 12:51

9/10 eh. Does it make Suckerberg look better than he is?

Randell 19-Oct-2010 14:25


Originally Posted by dirky (Post 1161965)
9/10 eh. Does it make Suckerberg look better than he is?

no it makes it fairly clear he is an anti-social geek who stiffed his best mate and the Rowing Twins. In fact that's what makes the film really good. that no one is particulary likeable, that there is no 'hero' and it tells the story at a cracking pace.

devs 19-Oct-2010 14:38

Social network gets a thumbs up here. enjoyed watching it. didnt portray mark as the nicest of blokes.

devs 19-Oct-2010 14:39

anyone know of any year long cinema subscriptions for vue cinemas? im spending a fortune going cinema so much.

Blunteh 19-Oct-2010 14:52

To the googlemobile DIV^S !! :P

Can I buy a monthly/annual pass?

Vue does not offer monthly or annual passes, however to be first to know about great offers, giveaways and invitations to advance screenings please register your details at Also, remember to collect your “Vue More”* voucher every time you visit the cinema* which gives you money off your next visit (Terms and Conditions apply).

devs 19-Oct-2010 15:19

lol, divs u prick lol. im best going on the 2 for 1 wednesdays then i guess :/ always busy tho.

Blunteh 19-Oct-2010 15:31


Recent films I've seen:

She's Out of My League (chosen by the wife) - Rating - "OMG KILL ME !!! KILLLL MEEEEEE"
Valentines Day (chosen by the wife) - Rating - "MAKE IT STOP !!! PUT "She's Out of My League back on !!! AAARRRGGGG"
Lovely Bones (chosen by the wife) - Rating - "Hello.. Divorce solicitors ?? She's gone to far ! Take her for everything she has.. destroy her !!!"

Exit By the Gift Shop - good film, glad I didn;t see it at the cinema though, it's just an OK documentary about street art, pretty cool though..
Get Him to the Greek - Funny.. but not as funny as it should be.. difficult to put your finger on why.. a bit like "Pinapple Express" in the fact that you're watching this thinking "this should be really funny" but not laughing enough...

NWA 19-Oct-2010 15:37

Man I loved Pineapple Express. I was so close to turning it off after 20 minutes as it was boring turgid shite and then blam out of nowhere it went awesome-o :E

Blunteh 19-Oct-2010 16:03

I'll have to watch it again.. my THC levels were low when I saw it (and I was nursing a sick wife) so hardly what I'd call relaxed...

ophiuchus 19-Oct-2010 18:16

I quite liked Lovely Bones - 8/10.

Blunteh 19-Oct-2010 18:45


*XeR0x* 21-Oct-2010 10:04

Watched Social Network last night, very good.

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