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devs 15-Dec-2015 16:01

Review Sites
Anyone here using anything like Feefo or Trustpilot or used these in the past?

what kind of costs are you paying. I know this industry is very negotiable. Trustpilot have just dropped their quote by 1500 in about an hour. Still far too expensive.

NWA 15-Dec-2015 16:35

As a consumer any review site that takes money from retailers isn't worth my time, so I wouldn't bother paying as a retailer unless it is based on something measurable like click through rates.

Rainy 15-Dec-2015 17:33

Whilst not review sites I have the same issue in the construction industry with my company. There are plenty of companies that offer the use of their logos on websites that claim you are now part of an accredited scheme. However to get accredited all you have to do is fill a form out and pay them X amount of pounds, there is are no checks or tests to make sure the company is reliable or safe. They even say in the small print when you read their T&C's that because a company uses the logo does not mean they are qualified for the job.

So it's like NWA has said. If they are asking for cash for something that means nothing, like a paid for review means jack shit. Then I would just save your money and look for a site that bases it's reviews on an actual provided product or customer satisfaction rather than a score depending on how much money you have paid.

Or just do what devs does best, get loads of actual helpful advice, argue that given advice is not correct and then spend cash on a paid review that you could probably have avoided by taking some advice.

Inertiaman 15-Dec-2015 18:11

Noones ranks well on Trustpilot just by handing over money. I don't know about the other site.

Inertiaman 15-Dec-2015 18:12

Oh wait it's devs. Hope you're not talking shop on your home broadband!

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