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Minty 15-May-2017 14:00

3rd Person horror game "Alan Wake" soon to disappear from stores forever

The critically acclaimed "Alan Wake" about an author whose wife goes missing while on holiday, only to discover pages of a book he doesn't remember writing whilst searching for her, is to disappear from all stores within the next couple of days. This is due to expiring music licenses used within the game. While the publisher, Remedy Entertainment, has not specifically said that the game will never return, the sheer cost of licensing music for an ageing game make the possibility remarkably minuscule.

You can grab Alan Wake now for only 2.29 on Steam and 2.49 on GoG. The mini-sequel/expandalone "Alan Wakes American Nightmare" is not affected by this music licensing issue, although it is similarly enjoying a 90% discount on both the above platforms.

Owners of the game will still be able to play and enjoy the game without interruption after the game is removed from stores.

[RaG]Ethel 15-May-2017 14:03

it's one of the bought but not installed games on my steam list !

Minty 15-May-2017 14:24

Oh Ive got about a thousand of them! Got this on Gog though and its very good. Not played American Nightmare but heard that its "different"

Fulmineus 15-May-2017 14:44

How "horror" is it? Cos I'm a great big scaredy girl's cat blouse.

Orange 15-May-2017 14:46

I'd say it's more atmospheric than horror. Lots of running around in moonlit forests, that kind of thing. For 3 I think you'd be mad not to, it's worth it for Barry alone.

BFH 15-May-2017 15:36

Just purchased with all the DLC shit an stuff.

Never played so if it's crap you lot owe me 3.

Orange 15-May-2017 16:06

Bus Fare Home.

BFH 15-May-2017 16:20

fucking wish it was tbh.

Tony.Montana 15-May-2017 23:21

I played this years ago and loved it. It was by the makers of Max Payne wasn't it?

Looks like I'm too late to buy it - the purchase button has gone from Steam.

Edit - for the next 8 hours if anyone else wants it.

BFH 16-May-2017 09:11


not bad for 3 snots.

I shall give it more time but so far pretty good

BFH 18-May-2017 13:21

OK having played it for a bit i've come to the conclusion that its probably the best 3 i've spent in ages.

it's a little "samey" with the running around in the dark shit with a torch but so far - yep, ticks the boxes.

If I had to say anything it would be the lack of FPS mode as I think that would rock - not entirely "sold" on over the shoulder numbers.

[RaG]Ethel 18-May-2017 17:18

I'm actually loving this now - didn't get into it at all the first time round. The 3rd person is a pain as it always feels like you want to strafe right!

BFH 18-May-2017 21:31

yeah and its getting a little predictable with the "oh look behind you" surprise attacks but so far yeah, worth it for the wonga.

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