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Post Useful links

Useful sites, often asked for.

Want something adding to this list or found an out of date or dead link? Click here.

Hardware & Software Review Sites
Anandtech - General Hardware News & Reviews
Computer Buyer - General Hardware & Software Reviews, loads of archived reviews, also accessible by part number for you ebayers.
Firing Squad - Gamers Hardware News & Reviews
Game PC - Gamers Hardware News & Reviews
Tech Report - General Hardware News & Reviews
Toms Hardware Guide - General Hardware News & Reviews
XBit Labs - General Hardware News & Reviews

Security News & Updates
Secunia - Information on the latest security threats around the world along with tip's on how to avoid or secure them.
Security Focus - News and articles on the latest in internet and networking technologies.

Free security products
Avast - Anti virus Software
AVG - Anti Virus software
KillDisk - Free Disk Wiping Software.
Kerio - Personal Firewall
Kerio v2 - Lightweight Personal Firewall. Unlike its bloatware replacement v4
PrevX - Resident Anti-Spyware/Trojans/Worms etc..
Stinger - Standalone virus remover from McAfee
ZoneAlarm - Personal Firewall

Anti-Virus/Security sites
Avast - Avast Antivirus - Free
EICAR - Anti Virus test files.
AVG - Grisoft AVG Anti Virus - Free
ClamAV - ClamAV Anti Virus for Windows
McAfee - Personal and Corporate Anti-Virus
Nod32 - Bloat free AV
Pacs Portal - Find out what all those programs are in your start up list and get rid of the ones that you don't need.
Sophos - Personal and Corporate Anti-Virus
Symantec - Norton Anti-Virus, Firewall and General Security.
SyGate - Personal and Corporate Firewalls
Trend Micro - PC Cillin Anti Virus

AVG Anti-Rootkit - AVG Anti-Rootkit
Beyond Logic - Exe file filter for windows. Only allow permitted .EXE's to run.
CWShredder - CWShredder - Removes many browser hijackers
HiJackThis - HiJackThis - Another Browser HiJack Remover
HiJackThis Analyser - HiJackThis Log Analyser (Tells you what issues you may have)
HiJackThis Tutorials - More Hijackthis Info
LavaSoft - AdAware spyware remover
PrevX - Resident Anti-Spyware/Trojans/Worms etc.. Free for Home use.
SpyBot S&D - Spybot Search & Destroy spyware remover
Spy Sweeper - Resident spyware catcher
SpyWare Blaster - Javacools Spyware Blaster
SpyWare Guard - Javacools Spyware Guard (Resident)
SpyWareInfo - Lots of anti-spyware stuff
Windows Defender - Microsoft Windows Defender Anti Spyware

Online Security checkers
HouseCall - Online Anti Virus Scanner
Shields UP - ShieldsUP Port Scanner and other Utilities.
S.O.S Test - Port Scanner
Symantec Security Check - Online Security and Anti Virus Scanner
Windows Live Online - Windows OneCare Live Online Free Scans

Microsoft Stuff
MSFN - MS Software Forum Network
AntiSpyWare - Microsoft Anti SpyWare
Downloads - Microsoft Download Centre
Office Update - Works just like Windows update but for MS Office. Office CD may be required
Support - MS Support Site
Technet - MS Technet Resources
TweakUI - Microsoft Powertoy for XP/2k/9x/ME
Windows Update - Microsoft Windows Update

General tweaks and guides
Tech Spot - Guides List
Tune XP - Windows XP tweaker, includes 'ultra-fast booting'
Tweak XP - XP Tweaks and Optimisations

Audacity - Opensource Sound editor for Win/Mac/Linux
Codecs - Need a decryptor for that media file? - Try Here
DvdrHelp - Lists of the more frequently used codec's, what standalone dvd players will play what, plus lots of useful video conversion guides
ID3TagIt - Superb ID3 Tag editor/updater.
G-Spot - Find the right codec for the video you wish to play - supports avi's and mpeg's
K-Lite Codecs - K-Lite Codecs Packs - Play just about any format Audio or Video file
Media player classic - Heavily modified Windows Media Player, able to play almost any video format
MPlayer - A Media Player with additional codecs that'll let it play just about anything
Musicbrainz - Scans your MP3s and uses a combination of metadata, hashing and CDDB lookups to figure out what your mp3s are and then fix the id3 tags accordingly.
MusicMatch - MusicMatch Jukebox and UPNP Streaming Server
PC DVD - PC DVD info (site has been hijacked by zoom, but FAQ is still useful)
VLC - Cross Platform Media Player and Streaming Server - Plays most Audio and Video Formats
WinAMP - Audio and Video Player - Plays streaming media also (Shoutcast)

FTP clients
BulletProof FTP - FTP Server & Client, geared towards the power user
FileZilla - Fast and reliable FTP client and server
FlashFXP FTP Client, user friendly, supports ftp:// links and site to site transfers
Smart FTP - FTP Client, plenty of features

Driver Guide - A good site for hard to find drivers: , username: drivers - password: all
The Firmware Pages - Excellent site for firmware upgrades

Browsers, Email and RSS Clients and Related Plugins
Adblock extension for Firefox - Rule based Adblocking for firefox. Allows you to block web page elements (including flash) simply by clicking them.
Download With - Allow you to use external download managers with Firefox
Feed Reader - Recommended stand alone RSS client.
Firefox - Mozilla FireFox, Superior alternative to Internet Explorer.
Flashgot - Allow you to use external download managers with Firefox
K-9 - POP3 Anti-Spam tool
K-Meleon - Super fast, lightweight web browser for Windows. Based on the Gecko rendering engine (same as Firefox).
MailWasher - Antispam for OE
Thunderbird - Email client by the same people who made the Firefox browser
SpoofStick - Shows you the real domain your connected to. ie, its an anti philshing/spoofing toolbar.
Squirrel Mail - Free Webmail for Linux/unix/Windows - Requires the following free utilities:
Mercury Mail Transport - Free SMTP, IMAP, POP3 server with message storage and handling capabilities.
PHP - Free scripting language for web server applications
Active Perl - Free Perl scripting language

Graphics & Image Utilities
ATI Tool - Overclocking / Temprature montior for ATI graphics cards
Irfanview - Image viewer with resize functions and batch processing
Paintshop Pro - Feature rich image editor, not as advanced as photoshop but a damn site cheaper
Radlinker - Change gfx settings on the fly, useful for 'older' games that don't have options for AA and AF.
Ultraiso - Edit .ISO files and converts other formats to .ISO

Instant Messaging/Buddy Trackers/IRC Clients & Addons
Amsn - Alternative to MSN, reliable, good for network users
Gaim - Multi Platform AOL MSN ICQ YAHOO & IRC Client
M-IRC - Internet Relay Chat client
NnScript - MiRC script, includes server browser, winamp plugins, away message organiser and system info
Trillian - AOL MSN ICQ YAHOO & IRC Client
X-Chat - IRC client. Free for Linux. Win32 is shareware. Immune to most IRC worms. Powerful scripting using Python/Perl/C
Xfire - Game buddy tracker and messaging client

Network Download clients
Azureus - Excellent torrent download manager
Bittornado - Torrent Download manager
Edonkey2000/Overnet - P2P Network client
eMule - Another P2P app. Like Edonkey2k but better.
Exeem Lite - Beta, will need to download weekly registry updates to make it work on the exeem network.
KazaaLite - Resurrection - Revived Kazaa network client with the spyware and ads removed

BartPE - Build your own CD bootable copy of windows XP (requires Windows XP install files).
bb4win - Blackbox linux shell for Windows, fast shell/desktop replacement
Daemon Tools - Virtual CD-Drive Software
Daemon Tools Scripting - Creates Automated Image mounting scripts, perfect for adding to bat files and have autoloading games. Works with Alcohol 120% as well
Daemon Tools Shell Extension - Adds a 'mount to' shell entry to windows
MagicalJellyBean - Reports the current machines CD Key (XP).
Maxmem - Ram Cleaner - free up ram
nlite - Remove Windows components (eg, OE, IE, MSN, Messenger) during installation.
Process Library - Research Legit and non-legit running processes.
Process Viewer Quick Access - Free add on for task Manager to show legitimacy of running processes.
PerfectDisk - Effective defragger.
Reget Deluxe - Powerful download manager, clean interface and many advanced features
RegScrubXP - Cleans out all the registry junk quite nicely.
Regsupreme - Another registry cleaner
SequoiaView - Graphical drive viewer to help you find lost space due to big files
Systemmechanic Pro - The swiss army knife of windows utilities progs, with lots of features
Virtual Dimension - Multiple virtual desktops manager.
Virtual Server - Microsofts FREE Virtual Server program.
Virtual PC - Microsofts FREE Virtual PC Program.
USB Mouserate Switcher - Enforce a mouse polling rate of 250 Hz (4 ms), 500 Hz (2 ms) or 1000 Hz (1 ms).
VLite - Create a cut down installable version of Vista, even makes a bootable install CD for you.

Misc / Other Stuff / General Utilities
7-Zip - Free Zip Utility, Supports most major formats - Higher compression than most as well.
AppDeploy - useful site for finding switches and methods to perform unattend software installs.
Adobe's Acrobat Reader - Rquired to be able read .PDF files - very common format for online manuals etc...
Adobe Reader Speedup - Stops the Acrobat Reader from loading unused plugins and speeds up loading time
Alcohol 120% - Create .ISO / .BIN files and mount them as virutal CD Drives.
Cable Modem Advice - Cable modem troubleshooting advice for Telewest (Blueyonder) & NTL
Dame Ware - Remote control app, a bit like VNC but you dont need to install the software before you connect to it, it copies across and starts the service on the fly!
CNET Download Site - Just about anything!!
Drive Snapshot - Create on-the-fly backup images of drives and partitions
DZIWeb - Freeware site, lots of useful free utilities etc...
Getback - Data recovery tool. Very handy to recover accidentally deleted files.
Mega Upload - Upload site, 250mb limit.
Motherboard Monitor - Temprature, Voltage and Fan speed monitor software for CPU/PSU/Mobo
Major Geeks - Freeware and Shareware download site.
Nero - CD/DVD creation tool, finest one going!
NetBootDisk - Create a universal IP enabled boot floppy.
Real VNC - Multi platform remote control client and server - free.
ServerDoc - Advanced program scheduling tool, ideal for game servers which run different mods or maps on different nights
SysInternals - Tools and Utilities to aid Windows Administrators and Power Users
Trueimage - Hard Drive imaging tool
Winrar - .Rar archive creator and able to open other archive formats (.zip, .ace, .tar)

Trickery Hardware FAQ - Hardware specific drivers and updates
Trickery Internet Connection & Networking Forum - Networking, ASDL & Modem info

...and if you still can't find what you are looking for...
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