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Rant about the gaming industry in general!!!

Hi Guys,

Being the avid gamer that I am. Im dissapointed at the current shitty state of the gaming industry. Gaming shows and to some degree gaming mags have lost there way. Even in the days of Gamesmaster which I enjoyed, it still didn't tick all the boxes. Why is it that the people they got to play on the show where either kiddie winks or people that knew nothing about games. Shows like Bits and Thumb bandits where not really that informative and concentrated on the flavour of the week far too much. And dont get me started on cybernet. PC gamer and PC zone, glossy gaming mags seem to be moving down the hype path certain games are given massive scores just because of there affiliation to gaming history eg, Half life 2 was a good game but it wasn't spectacular compared to its predecessor but garnered a high 90% score because its 'Half Life2' the sequel to one of the greatest games of all time. Doom 3 follows the same suit, massive 90% + score because its doom, but underneath the fantastic graphics engine its a generic shooter. I know people say its a homage to the old doom. But we have moved on since then, lets focus on gameplay ffs. I can't believe in this day and age with an industry worth billions we can't sort out AI singleplayer gaming. I mean jesus christ I have played some games with woefull AI, but the excuse seems to be well its got great graphics and sound so lets give it a high score. Far cry and Deus ex pushed the envelope lets spend so more time advancing that aspect of gaming.

Deep Breath ' Multiplayer!!!' when the hell are game creators gonna realise CO-OP is the way forward not bloody deathmatch!!!!!!. Ok I know deathmatch can be fun and a lot of people enjoy it im not dissing u guys. Its just that CO-OP play IMO is the way forward. Think about it how much fun is it play through a well designed game with your mates. Halo, Starlancer, NOLF, OFP, Codename outbreak to name a few. Ok the graphics in some of those werent cutting edge but did you care after an hour watching your mates back? Blowing up a spacesatation from the inside then screaming down the voice comms telling everyone to get out as it explodes, everyone grinning for a job well done. Then kicking back with a fag as you watch a bit of fmv before wiping the sweat of our hands and diving back in. The push on graphics and sound is great but gameplay seems to be forgotten. Now things like th Xbox 360 and PS3 are all pushing the lets play together message. So why not lets play together working as a team or a squadron in game that has great AI an excellent story and good graphics and sound to immerse your senses. The industry makes so much money why not!!!! we have the talent, creators, graphics engines, composers whats the problem. Cs has its place as does BF2 etc. But why can't a group of mates take part in an Epic high glossy action adventure as a team where enemy AI reacts accordingly!!!.

So to conclude, We have the money, graphics, sound, creators, gamers lets push the gameplay. Gaming shows employ real gamers not social rejects ' Iian Lee' anyone? Gaming Mags have the balls to say what you really think. EA games, Eidos, Sierra, Bill Gates, Warren Spector, John Romero, John Williams , Steven Spielberg etc etc get in a room together and sort out the industry please !!!!

I wish!!!

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